Who Makes ZLINE Appliances?

ZLINE Appliances is a family-owned brand of kitchen and bath appliances. This brand is an America-based appliances manufacturer. They have a good reputation in their sector. Gradually ZLINE Appliances are getting popular and with that, one question coming more frequently. The question is who makes ZLINE Appliances.

People ask this question to know the manufacturer of this brand because product quality depends on the manufacturer a lot. This discussion is going to be based on some questions on ZLINE Appliances and their answers. I will also give you a buying guide if you are planning to buy appliances from ZLINE. So, let’s start.

Who Makes ZLINE Appliances?

ZLINE Appliances makes their own products. ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a private company. We can say that this is a family-owned brand. From manufacturing to marketing, everything is done by the employees of this brand. There is no other organization that observes or controls any kind of activities of this brand.

The owner of ZLINE Kitchen and Bath, Mr. Andrew Zuro, and his team works on the manufacturing process of all its products. Mr. Andrew Zuro is an experienced person in the manufacturing and designing of kitchen and bathroom appliances. Because he has been working in this field since 2006.

So, if you also believe that the quality of the appliance depends on the manufacturer then you should not have any doubt about ZLINE Appliances. Because all the appliances are made single-handedly by an experienced person and his team.

Where Are ZLINE Appliances Made?

ZLINE Appliances is an America-based brand and all its activities are based in this country. According to ZLINE Appliances’ official website, and other sources, this brand has almost three warehouses in America. They are spread in different parts of the country. Let’s see the HQ of ZLINE Appliances. The headquarters of ZLINE Appliances is located in Reno, Nevada. This is the heart of this brand. A manufacturing plant of appliances is here.

Another city where ZLINE Appliances makes their products is Ohio. This plant produces a major part of its whole production. Another manufacturing hub of this brand is located in Tennessee.  They let us know about their factories but it is not clear which factory manufactures which products.

In summary, we can say that America is the manufacturing place of ZLINE Appliances. Almost 100% of their appliances are manufactured in this country. But some raw materials might be imported. The quality concerned people will be satisfied after reading this because they think that American products are always the best.

Are ZLINE Appliances Good?

Judging the quality of a product of a brand is easy and giving recommendations is also not so hard. But if you talk to someone to rate a brand and give your opinion about then it will be hard. Because a brand has so many products and all of them are not the same in terms of quality. It will be more complex if the brand is ZLINE Appliances.

The number of products that ZLINE Appliances has is huge. From bath appliances to the kitchen. There are so many. Among them, some products fail to meet the customer’s requirements. They are not good and their ratings and reviews are also bad. But some are really amazing on all sides.

But the overall brand quality of ZLINE Appliances is very good. They have a huge customer base and all are satisfied. The main quality of ZLINE Appliances is their building materials and design. The designs are much more comfortable and the materials are also high quality. If you buy from this brand then you will be able to save some money because they are low priced. I have given some most loved products of ZLINE Appliances. You may see them know more.

Where to Buy ZLINE Appliances?

If you want to buy appliances from ZLINE then I think their local dealers will be the best option. They have dealers in most of the big cities of the USA, Canada, and some other countries of Europe. The dealers are the best option to buy any product of this brand. If your city does not have a dealer of ZLINE then you will find the appliances in any appliance shop.

Besides these real sellers of appliances, there is another option to buy ZLINE Appliances. They are online sellers. The online sellers are best because you have a chance to see customers’ experience of that product. With that, you will be able to buy any product without wasting any time. To buy ZLINE Appliances online, click the links given above.

How Are ZLINE Appliances Rated?

Knowing the ratings of a product is important. In the same way, to know the overall quality of a brand, ratings work best. If you are planning to buy a product from the ZLINE brand then this section of this discussion will help you a lot. Here we will know the ratings of this brand, which means all the products of ZLINE.

The ratings of ZLINE Appliances products are very impressive. A report on ZLINE products says that their products have more than 4500 ratings. And the average rating of these products is 4+. This rating says positively about their products. You should be satisfied with that. But before buying, you should know about that specific product.

Who Services ZLINE Appliances?

The main responsibility of servicing ZLINE’s products is on themselves. And they are doing this successfully. But it is hard to service all their customers by themselves. That’s why their dealers are working as the servicing representatives at the root level. Their dealers are doing the job of servicing ZLINE Appliances.

Now, the online buyers will fall in deep tension. Because most online buyers have no dealer in their cities. If you are one of them or planning to buy online then nothing to be worried about. You can take servicing help by calling the ZLINE Appliances’ hotline. Here is the contact page: https://zlinekitchen.com/contact.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is ZLINE made in China?

No, ZLINE Appliances are made in America. There is a rumour about Chinese involvement. But actually, ZLINE is an individual brand made in the USA.

Is ZLINE a luxury brand?

It depends on your approach to this brand. If the service seems luxurious then it is. Most people think that the service ZLINE provides in their kitchen or bathroom is high quality. But in the case of price, ZLINE is a mid-level brand.

Does ZLINE sell refrigerators?

ZLINE was not a complete home appliances brand. But recently they are making home appliances. And, now they make and sell refrigerators.


That is the end for today about ZLINE Appliances. I hope now you have no doubt about who makes ZLINE Appliances. If you want a premium brand that has an expert team on home appliances then my suggestion will go in support of ZLINE Appliances. In all respects, ZLINE is ready to meet your requirements. If you also think like me, then follow the link and make a purchase without any confusion.

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