Who Makes Vredestein Tires?

One of the oldest tire brands in the world is Vredestein. This brand has been manufacturing and distributing tires and bicycles for 113 years. But do you know who makes Vredestein Tires? Who is the owner of this brand?

In this article, we will know about this brand from first to last. We will try to know about the owner, manufacturing sites, product quality, and from where you may buy this tire and everything. So, without making any delay, let’s start knowing about this  Netherlands-based tire manufacturer.

Who Makes Vredestein Tires?

From 2009, Indian brand Apollo Tires makes Vredestein Tires. But before that, Vredestein made the tires themself. Then the ownership was divided into shares. After Apollo takes Vredestein Tires, it takes the new name Apollo Vredestein.

At the beginning of Vredestein Tire’s start, one single man started this business by producing only rubbers in a village in the Netherlands. But after that, the brand changed its manufacturer several times. In its history, there are some American manufacturers too.

But finally, the famous brand Apollo comes with it and makes Vredestein Tire the seventh-largest tire producing company in the world. So, now Apollo is making Vredestein Tire in different parts of the world.

Who Owns Vredestein Tires?

We have seen the parent company of Vredestein Tire. That is Apollo. But as a person, who owns this tire brand? This is another question in the minds of curious people. From the beginning to now, this brand’s ownership changed. In the beginning, Emile Louis Constant Schiff owned this brand.

Later, he takes a share of this brand. Then the ownership was divided into 2 parts. Later some more shares came and the ownership changed. But finally, the present owner took over this brand in 2009. Now Apollo Tyre is the owner of this brand and as a person, Onkar Kanwar Neeraj Kanwar is the owner of Vredestein Tire.

Where Are Vredestein Tyres Made?

From the beginning of this brand, Vredestein was completely a Netherlands-based brand. When this was at the initial stage and producing rubbers only then the factory was in a small village called  Delft. Then the ownership changed but the factory did not move too far.

Now the owner is Apollo Tyres and still, these tires are made in the Netherlands. The main factory of Vredestein Tires is located in Enschede. This is a municipality and city in the eastern Netherlands. From this country, this brand controls its business. There are a number of offices of Vredestein Tires in the Netherlands.

Not only in this country but there are also some more regional offices of Vredestein Tires in different countries of Europe and North America. But the main factory of this tire brand is located in the cities of the Netherlands.

Are Vredestein Tires Good?

There are a number of products that this brand manufactures. Among them, some are popular without any doubt. People love them for their service, price, and quality. On the other hand, some products have more complaints than other brands. So, answering this question in one line might bring some wrong message about this brand to their customers.

The customer’s review is very good of this brand overall. People love the quality of the tires that Vredestein makes. Some of their products have 4.7 ratings on different e-commerces. Besides the impressive ratings, people have very positive attitudes towards this brand.

As people are loving this brand and the popularity is spreading very quickly all around so, we can say that the Vredestein Tires are good enough to buy and use.

Where To Buy Vredestein Tires?

There are a number of options for a buyer of any products to buy them. You can even buy any product online without going to a real shop. In the case of Vredestein Tires, both options are available. There are a number of tire shops in every city. You may visit these shops to buy a Vredestein Tire.

The motor mechanics also sell tires in their workshops. You may visit them too to buy Vredestein Tires. These are real-life shops for you to buy a Vredestein Tire. There are other options to buy Vredestein Tires, that is the online shops.

There are a number of online shops for tires. If you want to save your money and time then you may visit them. Now, these online sellers are becoming more popular day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Where are Vredestein Quatrac 5 tires made?

The popular tire variety or model of Vredestein is Quatrac 5. These tires are made in the Netherlands. This model is popular for its all-season service.

Who sells Vredestein tires near me?

To know this, we need to know your location. But a good way of finding Vredestein tires sellers near you, you may visit Google Maps and then search there.

Are Vredestein tires eco-friendly?

Vredestein tires are eco-friendly because they follow the European Union’s rules of controlling environmental pollution. They emit less carbon in the environment.


That was all about the popular brand Vredestein tires.  Hope you get enough information about this brand and its product quality. Besides these, you also get who makes Vredestein tires and who owns this brand. That was all for today. You may read other articles about tire brands to know about them.

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  1. In the U.S., Vredestein suggests ordering their tires from Tire Rack. I just got a set of the HiTrac for a Honda Clarity, had them sent to and installed by TiresPlus, a national chain. Consumer Reports rates the tires as very quiet and with good rolling resistance. First few miles confirms the noise rating.

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