Who Makes Vissani Refrigerators? Did You Know These Factors Before?

If you are searching for a refrigerator worth great pricing value, capacity, and lightweight, then the Vissani refrigerator just stands out on that note precisely. This renowned brand with excellent freezing production talks alone about why it is so popular.

But behind the scene, one question remains unanswered- “Who makes Vissani Refrigerator? What country is Vissani made in?”

Well, if you don’t know the answers yet, dive with us into this article.

Who Makes Vissani Refrigerators?

Vissani Refrigerators are made by Magic chef who are famous for their multi- usable kitchen equipment for about 90 years. The company has collaborated with Magic Chef in nearly 2011 and from then, it has created spectacular contributions to the industry. 

On a greater note, the Vissani freezer is an ever-efficient choice for the common people- which is why Vissani always gets a 5-star customer review. Then again, its temperature control and humidity space add an extra mark on that part.

About the Vissani Manufacturer

In the 1850s, a German immigrant to the United States named John Ringen opened a tin shop in St. Louis, Missouri. His firm grew, and in 1870, he added George August Kahle, a German immigrant who had arrived in America in 1867.

The Quick Meal Stove Company and the Ringen Stove Company were formed as a result of the four principals’ collaboration. Quick Meal began utilizing the Magic Chef brand name in 1929. Home furnaces and air conditioners were also manufactured by Magic Chef, which was sold to Lennox International in 1988.

In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation purchased Maytag Corporation. CNA International Inc./MC Appliance Corporation, which imports and markets small appliances under a variety of brand names, has split out from Magic Chef.

What Country Is Vissani Made In?

Vissani started its journey in Ioannina, Epirus, Greece but eventually broadened its branches to Italy, USA and Germany. So, their products are being manufactured in all of those branches, but mainly in Italy.

The company has currently about 1400 employees and it generates $670 each year, more or less. Starting from the year of 1900s till now, Vissani has experienced many ups and downs, but never forgot to satisfy its customers.

What Is Special About The Parts Of The Vissani Refrigerator?

Different freezing method and cooling system of Vissani is what makes the refrigerator stand out from other ones. Having 4.3 EU. Ft. of capacity and 68.8 lbs of weight, Vissani comprises 10 specific compact portions.

The parts are as follows-

  1. Cabinet Tabletop.
  2. Door- Freezer section.
  3. Temperature control box.
  4. Interior light switch.
  5. Shelf- Refrigerator section.
  6. Crisper.
  7. Leveling leg.
  8. Steel shelf.
  9. Ice tray.
  10. Ice shovel.

How Can You Install The Vissani Refrigerator?

The whole installation procedure falls into two categories- before installation procedure and final installation procedure.

Before Installation

  • There are two parts to the refrigerator packaging- interior and exterior. First of all, you need to remove both of the parts and stand it still for at least 4 hours.
  • Then, the whole cooling system will be risk-free from malfunctioning. However, be conscious of using lukewarm water in case you want the freezer perfectly clean before usage.

Final Installation

  • One thing about Vissani is that these refrigerators are made for free-standing only, not in a built-in system.
  • So, keep it 5 inches away from the wall and try to keep it in the range between 10 degrees celsius and 29.4 degrees celsius.
  • Avoid moist areas and never install it outside your indoor space. Start plugging the unit and wait until the freezer is cool enough.

That’s how you do it, without any further hesitation.

What Are The Safety Precautions For Vissani Refrigerator?

No matter if you are a Vissani fan or Master Chef if you are not aware of the safety regards, you indeed are in danger. Though Vissani already comes with enough possible indemnity, there still remain some drawbacks.

Firstly, Vissani offers several door locks for your freezing easiness. So, before you throw any of those make sure to remove all those doors from the unit. Nextly, never permit your child to go near the freezer. Also, there are some specific and intriguing laws of the federal unit.

Although most of the stated authorities get under consumers’ responsibility, getting aware makes it risk-free on both sides.

Are Vissani Refrigerators Any Good?

Yes, Vissani freezers are good for the ease it offers through a double-door lock system, the highest compatibility, and 10 years warranty system. Also, you can have a cooling temperature method that gets it a longtime guarantee and safety regards.

Though the above characteristics are hard to find all together in one specific freezer, its 19-inch width and 20-inch depth add a new specification to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What company is Vissani?

VISSANI SRL is in the Restaurants and Other Eating Places industry and is based in BASCHI, TERNI, Italy. This facility employs 14 people and generates $670,929 in revenue (USD).

What is the coldest setting on a Vissani refrigerator?

Controlling the temperature. This will ensure that the cabinet is completely cold before putting food in it.

How do you know if your refrigerator needs Freon?

When your ear is pressed against the refrigerator, you should hear a faint hissing or gurgling sounds.

How long does Freon last in a Vissani Refrigerator?

Freon has an infinite lifespan. The only reason you’d need extra is if there’s a chance of a leak. Because the refrigerant is cycled through copper refrigerated pipes to keep your small home cool.

Can I use R134a in an R600a Vissani compressor?

With the same cycle, an R134a compressor can be used instead of an R600a compressor, but an R134a compressor should not be used with R600a refrigerant.

Final Words

Vissani began in the 14th century and flourished under Ottoman authority. So, each and every product of this very brand showcases some of the infrastructures of those centuries. Apart from that, it also represents a heavy-duty warranty too.

Now, as you know who makes Vissani refrigerators, you are already convinced whether you need to buy one or not. Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding this topic, for sure.

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