Who Makes Thunderer Tires? History and FAQs

If you’re looking for a quality tire brand that provides you with the best-performing tires, you might have heard of Thunderer Tires. Because this is a popular brand of tires for light trucks, SUVs, and passenger vehicles in the USA. There is a big customer base of Thunderer Tires in this part of the world. But do you know who makes Thunderer Tires?

In this piece of writing, I am going to talk about this tire brand. Our main discussion will be on the manufacturer of Thunderer Tires, its owner, product quality, alternatives, and many more. Our writing will guide the new buyers who are going to be a customer of tires. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Thunderer Tire?

American Omni Trading Company makes Thunderer Tires. American Omni Trading Company is a popular export-import company that mainly imports motor parts and tires in the USA. Their main tire business is controlled by the name of Thunderer Tires.

Thunderer Tire is made by a small, but popular business in the USA. The company was founded in 1990. From its start, it is a company based on import and export. So, it would be wrong that an American Omni Trading Company makes Thunderer Tires. Rather they import tires and other products from different parts of the world. And for their business purpose, they don’t expose the manufacturer.

So, we can say that American Omni Trading Company is not the manufacturer of Thunderer Tires, rather they import this tire from different parts of the world. But they maintain product quality.

Who Owns Thunderer Tires?

If you ask me the owner of any brand then you will find two different types of owners. One is the personal owner and another is the organizational owner. Because most of the brands or businesses ’ ownership is distributed by share. The same thing happens in the case of Thunderer Tire.

The personal owner of this tire brand is not so clear. But I found some names of responsible people who hold the main position of the company and control the business. Among them, Tom Brackin. He is the President at American Omni Trading Company, LLC. Another person who holds the chair of Vice President of this organization. The name is Mike Dunlap.

If we talk about the organization that controls Thunderer Tires then I have to talk about American Omni Trading Company, LLC. They are the main owner of this sub-brand.

Where Are Thunderer Tires Made?

People know that Thunderer Tires is an American brand so it produces all its products in this country. But this is not true. The brand themselves acknowledges that they have no factory and they don’t make any tires. They acknowledged that they are the importer of all their products.

So, this should be clear where they import their tires from. The main manufacturer of Thunderer Tires is Thailand. They are a completely import-dependent company. But one thing is positive about them is that they check the quality of products before they import. So, there is less concern about the tire quality.

But if you think only US manufactured products are good and you are willing to buy them only then this is up to you. You may make your decision.

Are Thunderer Tires Good?

There is no doubt that Thunderer Tires are a quality tire brand. They have been in business for many years and have a well-established customer base. Plus, their tires are known for their high performance and durability.

The customer reviews of Thunderer Tires are very much positive. I have seen a number of platforms where customers are satisfied with its year-long service and its price. Some say that Thunderer Tires is comparably low priced to any other brand.

Moreover, there are some special qualities of Thunderer Tires that make this brand a good one in the field of tires. If you want to know these qualities then you may read the next section of the article.

Some Good Qualities Of Thunderer Tires

The qualities of Thunderer Tires are not single. If we judge them then the main will be price and other things. Let’s see some qualities of this tire brand.

  • Thunderer Tires are a popular brand that provides quality tires for a variety of vehicles.
  • They offer a wide range of sizes for different vehicle types.
  • Thunderer Tires have been around for many years and have satisfied many customers.
  • This brand offers a high level of customer service with quick turnaround times.
  • You can trust that the quality of your tires will be the same as those from the Thunderer Tires brand.

Alternatives Of Thunderer Tires

If you are searching for a quality tire brand and Thunderer Tires fails to meet your requirements then I have some other brand suggestions for you. If you want, you may know about them too and then make your decision.  These are good alternatives to Thunderer Tires.

  • Lexani tires
  • Vredestein Tires
  • Ohtsu tires
  • Supermax Tires
  • Sentury tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Thunderer Tires made in the USA?

No, Thunderer tires are made in Thailand. All the activities of this brand are done in the USA but imported from other countries.

Who sells Thunderer Tires?

The main importer and seller of Thunderer tires is American Omni Trading Company, LLC. But the name they use to sell this tire is Thunderer. This organization controls other businesses in the USA.

What ply are Thunderer Tires?

The ply of Thunderer tires is 10Ply. Ply is very important before buying a tire because it shows how much pressure a tire can take in the industry standard pressure.


That was all about the popular tire brand Thunderer tires. I hope now you know who makes Thunderer tires and where they are imported from. This discussion will give proper guidance before you make any decision of buying any tire of this brand. That was all for today. Thanks for reading.

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