Who Makes the Midea Refrigerator? Know The Unknown Facts

If you are looking for a refrigerator and haven’t enlisted the Midea refrigerator yet, then your list is still incomplete. In the industry of compact refrigerators, midea is of much better quality. But the most common query regarding this is, who makes a midea refrigerator?

Having 78% of the good reviews, Midea stands on the first place as the U.S subsidiary of automotive kitchen products. But still, you have a lot to know about this brand. If you are also like us who are eager to know, stay in this article and know the unknown!

Who Makes the Midea Refrigerator?

Media is a Chinese automotive company who makes all the Midea products including- refrigerator, washing machine, dryers, etc. The company is an appliance assembler for other brands. So, Midea Group manufactures appliances that are sold under a third-party brand.

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to want to know the benefits, as appliances are expensive enough to make you think twice before making a decision. Midea is a supplier of component parts to companies that make home and kitchen appliances just as you’d want.

Midea Group also owns Toshiba, Colmo, Comfee, LittleSwan, and Eureka, in addition to the Midea brand. In addition, Carrier Midea is its subsidiary group in India. In India, the company holds exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Carrier and Midea air conditioners, as well as other Midea home appliances.

About the Manufacturer

Since the early 2000s, the company has put resources into R&D in order to provide customers with low-cost, high-quality products. Midea has been developing its own products as well as purchasing former home appliance firms.

In 2010, for example, joint ventures with the air-conditioning manufacturer Carrier were formed. Midea also bought Toshiba’s appliance division in 2016. Midea also bought Kuka, a German robot manufacturer, in 2016. Midea purchased Eureka in order to enter the vacuum cleaner market.

After all of these acquisitions, Midea has evolved into a conglomerate whose core business is the manufacture of home and kitchen appliances, as well as their components and third-party assembly.


Where are Midea Refrigerators Made?

Midea Group, headquartered in Beijiao, Guangdong, and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer. With 200 subsidiaries and over 60 overseas branches, the company employs approximately 135,000 people in China.

Since 2013, the Midea Group has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Since July 2016, it has been a part of the Fortune Global 500. Lighting, water appliances, floor care, small kitchen appliances, laundry, large kitchen appliances, and refrigeration appliances are all manufactured by Midea.

As it is based in China, it also has a long history of producing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products for both homes and businesses (HVAC). It is the world’s largest robot and appliance manufacturer.

What Brands are Made by Midea?

The Midea Group is the world’s largest consumer and major appliance manufacturer. They have one of the most diverse product portfolios, ranging from mass-market to premium goods. Midea Group also carries a diverse range of brands, including Toshiba, Midea, Comfee, Eureka, COLMO, Beverly, Vandelo, and Little Swan.


Toshiba is a well-known brand that dates back to 1875. It is now a household name in the appliance industry, owing to its numerous ground-breaking inventions. Toshiba has created a number of ground-breaking electronic products that were the first of their kind in Japan.

The iconic Japanese brand’s home appliances business was acquired by Midea Group in 2016.


Comfee is a dedicated brand for those looking for simple comfort and high productivity. They are dedicated to creating products that only serve a genuine purpose, ensuring that customers receive the value they expect.

Comfee strives for industry excellence, backed by Midea Group’s manufacturing excellence, quality focus, and customer service.

Which is Better, Midea or GREE?

Many people still prefer Gree Electric products when it comes to air conditioning. Finally, Gree has a long history in the air conditioning industry, and “good Gree air conditioning” has become a well-known advertising slogan.

However, things have changed dramatically, and MIDEA has surpassed Gree to become the new industry king. Gree ranked third in online sales in the first half of this year, with a market share of 16 percent, according to the data. AUX is in second place, with a market share of more than 22%.

The MIDEA group, naturally, is the industry’s first, with a market share of more than 35%, surpassing the two major air conditioning giants and officially ascending to the throne. In fact, MIDEA has demonstrated its strength not only in the online market.

Is Midea a Good Brand?

Midea is the world’s leading air-treatment brand*, with a diverse range of commercial, residential, and even portable air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers, as well as heaters and fans.

Midea products win over 40 awards each year at design shows all over the world, including the Red Dot, iF, and Good Design awards.

“Surprisingly friendly solutions” is the promise of the Midea brand. When combined with the Midea Group’s high manufacturing volume and quality standards, the consumer is presented with an appealing product portfolio to help them “make themselves at home.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Midea a good brand?

Midea is a fantastic home appliance brand. Customers have given glowing reviews and high ratings to all of the company’s products.

Does Midea make Frigidaire?

Yes, since 2004, Mide has been making Frigidaire.

Is Midea a reliable refrigerator?

Yes, Midea is a good refrigerator brand because it has a high energy star rating and will maintain that rating for years to come.

What company owns Midea?

Midea Investment Holding Co., Ltd.


Midea’s promise to all of its customers in the United States is to provide surprisingly affordable solutions for preserving those fleeting moments at home. As a result, the company develops home appliance innovations that have a positive impact on those who use them.

And now as you know who makes Midea Refrigerators, it’s definitely sure that you’d love to buy one!

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