Who Makes Supermax Tires? History and FAQs

Supermax Tire is a tire manufacturing brand in the USA. This is a sub brand of popular tire manufacturer Horizon Tire Inc. From the time of its establishment, Supermax Tire is providing the best quality service to the users for their passenger or CUV vehicles. But most of us want to know who makes Supermax Tires.

This is a common question because the product quality depends a lot on the manufacturer. Before trusting a product, people want to know the manufacturer’s identity and its quality richness. In this article, I will try to know who is the manufacturer o Supermax Tires and some more information about this tire brand. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Supermax Tires?

Horizon Tire Inc makes all the tires of Supermax Tire. Because Supermax is a sub brand of Horizon Tire Inc. The company was founded in 2007 and produces passenger and CUV tires.

Supermax Tire is based in the USA and it has a customer base in North America that includes individual people, small and large businesses. The products range from high-quality air-filled tires to full-tread performance tires. Supermax Tire offers a wide variety of products, including for both passenger and CUV vehicles.

Supermax Tire is headquartered in the USA and it has a customer base in North America but the main manufacturing hub is outside the USA. Though some of its tires are made in the USA but most are imported from China and other parts of the world.

Who Owns Supermax Tires?

Supermax Tire is owned and operated by Horizon Tire Inc. This is a popular tire manufacturer in the USA. It was established in 2007 and its products are sold in more than 150 countries. Horizon Tire Inc. is the organizational owner of this tire brand. But there are few people who own shares of Supermax tires. They are called the personal owners of this tire brand.

But the details or names of these shareholders are not exposed. I just found some popular names who are controlling all the activities of this tire brand. Among them, Christina Wang is the Chief Executive Officer of Supermax Tire and RICHARD WANG is the President.

Where Are Supermax Tires Made?

Supermax Tires are distributed in the USA. Because their main customer base is based in this country. Some depots and stores are there in this country of this brand. But there is no manufacturing hub for Supermax Tires in the USA. All are imported from different parts of the world.

If the tires are not manufactured in the USA then where are they made? As Horizon Tire Inc is the main manufacturer of Supermax tires, they are made in Horizon Tire Inc manufacturing plants. And most of the manufacturing plants of this organization are situated in two cities of China. These cities are Beijing and Qingdao.

Supermax Tire’s manufacturing process is highly inspected to ensure that all the parts of the tire are working together properly. That’s why they have high-quality products and services. Supermax Tire has been providing top-quality tires to drivers, passengers, and other vehicles. We will know more about the quality of Supermax in the next section of the article.

Are Supermax Tires Good?

Supermax Tire is a popular tire brand in the USA. Founded in 2007, Supermax Tire offers quality tires for passenger or CUV vehicles. The company has a good reputation for providing high-quality products at an affordable price. Some people believe that the product quality of Supermax Tire is better than other brands.

The quality of Supermax Tire will be visible before you if you once visit any product selling website and read all the reviews of Supermax Tire. From my personal experience and research, Supermax Tire products are really good with some special qualities. I will discuss all the qualities of Supermax Tire individually in the next section of the article that will help you to know Supermax Tire’s quality better.

Some Good Qualities Of Supermax Tires

Qualities of products and customer service make a brand good. As I am talking about Supermax Tire, we need to know the quality of this tire brand from all points. Here are some of the qualities that Supermax Tire pride itself on are:

  • Supermax Tire has a longer warranty than most other brands.
  • Supermax Tire offers a wide range of sizes and shapes for their tires.
  • Supermax Tire offers a variety of payment plans and payment method options.
  • Supermax Tire provides customer service that is better than most other brands.

These qualities make Supermax Tire a good one. And we can say this is a good tire brand.

Alternatives Of Supermax Tires

If you find Supermax Tire not meeting your requirements then you may search for some alternatives to this tire brand. There are a lot of alternatives to Supermax tires on the market. These alternatives may surely meet your requirements. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • GT Radial tires
  • Venom Power tires
  • Fullway tires
  • Lexani tires
  • Ohtsu tires
  • Sentury tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes supermax RT tires?

Supermax RT Tire is a product of Supermax Tire. So, the manufacturer of Supermax, Horizon Tire Inc is the manufacturer of Supermax RT Tire.

Who makes supermax tires for Walmart?

Walmart is a selling platform. There a number of brands sell their products. The main manufacturer of Supermax Tire for Walmart is Horizon Tire Inc.

Who sells supermax tires?

Supermax Tire sells their tires at different platforms. If you are searching for a local reseller then you may try tire shops or online platforms.


I hope you now know who makes Supermax Tire. Besides this, you also get a buying guide of this brand tire. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to know about all the alternatives of Supermax Tire then visit the links to know about them before purchasing.

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