Who Makes Summit Appliances?

Summit Appliances is a well-known brand in the world of refrigeration and other home appliances. They are known for making high-quality products that always seem to impress consumers. Though Summit is a brand that represents quality, some people still want to know about its manufacturer by asking the question who makes Summit Appliances.

This discussion is dedicated to informing you about this appliance brand by giving answers to some questions. These questions will help you to make any buying decision. So, let’s see how Summit Appliances are, where they are made, and many more.

Who Makes Summit Appliances?

Felix Storch, Inc (FSI) makes Summit Appliances. It would be wrong if I tell you that all the appliances of Summit are made by its parent organization. Summit is a brand that depends on product importation. The majority of their appliances are imported from different countries. But few of them are manufactured by Felix Storch, Inc (FSI).

Though the products Felix Storch, Inc manufacture are few. But maintain quality strictly. The parent organization is also another manufacturer of appliances and plumbing products. Felix Storch, Inc has maintained its reliable reputation for the last 50 years by manufacturing world-class kitchen appliances. It is making appliances that provide great performance at an affordable cost.

To some people, it is disappointing that Summit Appliances does not make all their products with their own technology. Besides that, to them, it is more disappointing that they import most of their products from outside America. But I think there is something positive for all. That is, Summit authority ensures standard quality for their products. You may buy without any serious hesitation.

Where Are Summit Appliances made?

We know that most products of Summit Appliances are imported from different parts of the world. The main reason behind this is their insufficient manufacturing plants. They import from different countries of  Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia. These products are good in condition and in their product category.

That is not the end. Some of their products are made in their own factory. Their factory is located at the Industrial Park of Green Brook Township, New Jersey. In the headquarters area of Summit, there is a manufacturing plant. That is also a place where Summit Appliances are made.

So, finally, we can say that Summit Appliances are made in different parts of the world. But the majority of them are imported and others are manufactured in the USA.

Who Owns Summit Appliances?

Summit Appliances is owned by Felix Storch, Inc, which is the parent company of this brand. Felix Storch, Inc is an American manufacturer of a variety of appliances, that manufactures some electrical and plumbing tools as well.

This is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances that have been in the market for more than 50 years now. Today, the company is involved in manufacturing its appliances along with brand management and distribution. But it was founded as a private company.

Are Summit Appliances Good?

Summit Appliances are good in the sense that they provide excellent products at a low price and their customer service is also very impressive. If I talk about the product quality of this brand then we will see an established brand that is maintaining its reputation as a seller and manufacturer of quality appliances for a long time.

Their designs, built, materials, maintenance, and every other thing are packed with special care and maintaining quality. The following things will be a matter of consideration if you are trying to know why Summit is good for appliances.

  • Summit is known for its high quality and durable products.
  • Its products are very easy to maintain and repair as they have all the required parts available with them at a reasonable price.
  • Its products are designed to provide you with the best possible experience.
  • Their service team is always ready to help you with any query related to your appliance.

That is not the end because there are so many things that I fail to mention here to make the discussion shorter. I think you should not have any doubt about the goodness of this brand.

Are Summit Appliances Reliable?

In the question of reliability, Summit is one step ahead of other import-based appliances brands. Summit appliances are very reliable, they are also well known for offering high-quality products at an affordable price as you will get to see by their customer service provided to the buyers.

You will not get that type of service and products that Whirlpool and other big fishes make in Summit because they don’t make all their products. Most of their appliances are imported. In that case, an issue in quality stays. Sometimes, they can not give the customers what they expect to do.

But they try their best to check all the sides of a product to ensure a good product to their customers. So, you may rely on Summit at its level. You can not expect beyond its capacity. Here are some of the products from Summit Appliances that you may like and buy.

Where to Buy Summit Appliances?

Buying a new kitchen appliance can be an annoying task but with the excellent help and commitment of Summit appliances, you won’t find such an unpleasant experience anymore. Besides producing quality appliances, Summit ensures that the products are easy to buy from any part of the world, especially America.

Summit has separate products for all types of house needs. And they list them on several online stores at the same price thus making it easier for people from across different areas to buy their appliances. Besides their own online store, there are so many other sellers of Summit appliances. Some of them are online and some are offline. The dealers of this appliance brand are another option to buy their products.

Summit Appliance Customer Service

Summit brand ensures customer service with its dealers, technicians, and customer service representatives. Besides these, they have another unique way of their customer service. Summit provides help to its customers with blogs, forums, and video tutorials you can follow up on to learn more details of how an appliance works.

If you are concerned about their support then you must read this section. Their aim is to give their customer a complete experience after purchase which includes shipping & handling. With that, due before or by upon delivery date also it comes with 100% money-back guarantee period from the time of this offer.

With all these things, Summit appliance’s customer service is efficient. Summit takes care of all the questions, concerns, dilemmas in every situation. I think you will enjoy their customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are Summit Appliances made in China?

No, Summit Appliances are made in the USA and some other countries of Asia and Europe.

Are Summit Ranges good?

All the qualities of Summit Ranges make it a good brand. But there are some bad sides too. You have to be sure about the product that you want to buy.

Who makes Summit gas wall ovens?

Like all other products of Summit Appliances, their gas wall ovens are also made by Felix Storch, Inc (FSI).


I hope all the questions about the Summit are done now. Now you know who makes Summit Appliances. Appliance buyers have a lot of choices. Summit has been able to set itself apart from the competition by providing quality appliances with innovative features, as well as excellent customer service. If you’re in the market for a new appliance, be sure to check out Summit. You won’t be disappointed.

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