Who Makes RBX Shoes? Do You Need One

If you’re interested in a healthy and fit lifestyle, and you want to look good while exercising, then RBX shoes are the perfect companions for your feet. RBX footwears provide the support you need during your physical activities while making sure you look amazing- all at an affordable price.

Now that you understand what RBX shoes are and how they can help you, you’d like to learn about the company that manufactures them too, right? So, who makes RBX shoes? Where is the company based? What are the brand’s specialities?

We’ve answered all of these questions down below, and everything else you need to make a well-informed choice.

Who Makes RBX Shoes?

RBX shoes are among the many products of Rugged Bear X-Treme™, which after many successful years has evolved into RBX Active. Its products include apparel, footwear, bags, fitness accessories, and sports goods for people of all ages and gender.

RBX Active is dedicated to its support of a healthy and active lifestyle. It supports the idea that health and fitness should not be a luxury, but a basic necessity. And RBX Active is there to support your everyday journey to fitness.

RBX Active’s products cover every size and age and are designed with your every need in mind.

About The Manufacturer

RBX Active was founded in 2013. It was acquired by the famed fashion expert Eli Yedid after his decades of experience and success in the apparel industry. The brand originally followed the wholesale business model until expanded to directly sell to its customers in celebration of its fifth successful year.

The activewear and apparel manufacturer operates from New York City, New York, USA. It has 75 employees in various job roles and earns 14 million USD in revenue in a year.

Looking at consumer recognition, RBX is peewee compared to major league Reebok. Its paltry 2,000 plus Facebook following is lost in the sea of 5.5 million-plus Reebok U.S. admirers.

On the retail side, RBX established its first store on July 1, 2016, with a “reimagined brand positioning,” and there are now hundreds of them throughout the world.

Where Are RBX Shoes Made? 

RBX Active is dedicated to supporting your active lifestyle habits by providing you with apparel and support accessories at an affordable price. RBX Active is an American company with most of its infrastructure based in New York City. However, its products are sourced and manufactured in China under a licensing agreement.

One of RBX Active’s key business policies is cost leadership with top quality. It sources its raw materials and manufacturing plants in China due to the lower cost of labor and raw goods there. This cost-benefit is later transferred to the customers.

RBX Active is a guarantor of its quality and upholds its standards strictly in its facilities. The manufactured products are shipped to the US and other markets.

What Is RBX Active’s Mission?

RBX Active promotes and supports the idea that being healthy and active is a blessing to be available to all. It works to achieve the basic need of a productive and efficient lifestyle for all. It provides its customers with apparel, footwear, activewear, and other accessories that embody the ideals of star athletes and the reality of day-to-day life.

RBX Active wants you to stay healthy, and lead a physically active life. And it wants you to do this with style. Whether you are a regular gym-goer, Yogi, hiker, or runner, RBX Active has a product designed specifically with your needs in mind.

What are RBX Shoes’ Specialties?

RBX Active shoes are built with the maximum comfort of the wearer in mind. It uses lightweight materials and RBX X-DRI Technology in order to keep your feet cool and fresh.

Its cushioned soles and meshed tongue cradle your feet to ensure comfortable steps. Its stiff outsoles provide additional shock absorption and aids in lift-offs and jumps.

RBX Shoes are designed to decrease the stress of physical activities on your muscles and joints. Their rubber soles ensure durability, flexibility, and good grip in every step. Their synthetic upper soles provide a formal and fashionable look at any situation.

Are RBX Shoes Worth Your Money?

RBX shoes are worth every penny you spend on them. They offer you unique and excellent quality shoes at a very affordable price.

The color and design of the shoes are done with two things in mind, practicality and style. They look very nice and offer a great wearing experience. The shoes are lightweight and flexible, ensuring your comfort at every stride.

Their full-length rubber outsoles give you great traction at any surface you’re walking on. And their mesh ventilated tongues keep your feet fresh and dry.

RBX Active combines elegance with durability and practicality to give you your money’s worth and make yourself a great investment.

How Affordable Are RBX Shoes?

RBX Active provides one of the lowest prices for higher quality apparel, sportswear, activewear, and footwear. It prides itself in its affordable prices and matches any competitor with quality and cost.

The brand often commissions incentives such as discounts, coupons, and sales for its customers. It currently offers a 15% in discount for your first purchase of its products and sales and other coupons for increased affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do RBX shoes have any return and refund policies?

No. RBX Active currently does not support any return and refund policies.

Are RBX shoes known to wear out with prolonged use?

RBX Active shoes are among the most durable products in the market. They should easily last you over 6 months. However, you can expect to see some loss of compression and flexibility after this period.

Can seniors and children use RBX shoes?

RBX Active has a specific range of products for children and seniors, designed to cater to their unique and specific needs.


RBX Active is the best choice of activewear for you on a tight budget. It combines elegance, durability, specialty, and quality with affordable prices. This brand is known for its stylish and fashionable activewear.

This article answers all of the questions you needed to know about who makes RBX shoes and if you should buy them. If you have any more questions regarding RBX Active brand and its products, please let us know.

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