Who Makes Phantom Tires? History and FAQs

Phantom Tires is a small tire brand that has a pretty good customer base and popularity in the USA. This is a small brand in the USA and its journey in the tire manufacturing field is not long. For this reason, some people underestimate this brand. But they don’t know which organization is backing this brand and who makes Phantom Tires.

This discussion is going to be an amazing one for all those who want to get a better idea about this tire brand. From manufacturer to owner, we will know everything about Phantom Tires. Besides that, if you are new and trying to buy a tire for your vehicle then you will get a buying guide in the last part of the article. So, let’s start.

Who Makes Phantom Tires?

Tire giant Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Manufacturing (UGTM) makes Phantom Tires in their own factory by their own technology. This is the most attractive part of the article which you expect and for what you came here. I hope the question is half clear now. There are so many brands of Uniroyal Goodrich. Like Phantom Tires, they make Tiger Paw also.

Initially, Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Manufacturing makes Phantom Tires. But this is not the last thing I can say. Because Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Manufacturing is mostly known as the United States Rubber Company. This was the previous name of Uniroyal Goodrich, that’s why people know United States Rubber Company as the manufacturer of Phantom Tires.

The manufacturing quality, research team, advanced technology they use, and finally the tire field experience everything makes Uniroyal Goodrich one of the top tire manufacturers. So, under their vigilance, Phantom Tires is also growing good.

Who Owns Phantom Tires?

If I go to name the owner of Phantom Tires then I have to mention a number of names. That is not because the ownership is divided to so many people and organizations rather the parent organization changed its name so many times. Mainly Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Manufacturing is the main owner of this tire brand. But they are also known as United States Rubber Company and Uniroyal, Inc.

So, that was about the organizational owner of Phantom Tires. Some of us are interested to know about the personal owner of this tire brand. But nothing is known about that. Maybe no one owns this tire brand personally.

Where Are Phantom Tires Made?

We know, Uniroyal is the manufacturer of Phantom Tires. And Uniroyal is a tire brand that is American and all the factories of this tire manufacturer are in this country. So, we can say that Phantom Tires are made in America. There are so many manufacturing hubs of this tire brand in the USA.

Some of their tire manufacturing factories are so big that they can produce a huge number of tires every month. Besides using their own factories, Uniroyal makes their tires in Michelin’s Spartanburg, S.C., plant. This can also be said as the manufacturing hub of Phantom Tires. So, all the tires of Phantom Tires are made in America.

Those who think that only American tires are good in quality may take this thing as a quality of this tire. Besides this, there are so many more qualities of this tire brand. You may know about these qualities in the next section of the article.

Are Phantom Tires Any Good?

This question is hard to answer as a single user. Because I don’t know what people get from this tire. But from my experience, Phantom Tires has so many good things. If you are planning to buy a tire from a reputed tire brand at a low cost then Phantom Tires will be a good choice. There are so many reasons to buy a tire from this brand. Let’s see some of these reasons.

  • Phantom Tires is a low price tire in the market. So, it will save you money.
  • These tires are made by using American technology. That’s why this will be long lasting and will provide good service.
  • The manufacturing organization has a long time of experience in the tire industry. They are capable to give you better products.
  • The tires of Phantom are good both on the road and off-road. So, you will enjoy this feature.
  • The safety of Phantom Tires is at a higher level. This is the best reason to buy their tires.

There are some other reasons to buy Phantom Tires but I think these are enough to consider this brand for you. If you also think that you are ready to buy a tire from them then pick one of the following tires and know about them. I think you will win if you buy.

Alternatives of Phantom Tires

We should talk about the alternative brands too as I am trying to guide you to buy tires for your vehicle. There are so many alternative tire brands for you if you don’t like Phantom Tires. If you think this brand has some lackings to meet your requirements then you may select any of the following alternatives of Phantom Tires.

You will find so many alternatives to this tire brand if you search. But I think another brand that is also made by Uniroyal can be an option for you. The name of that brand is Tiger Paw Tires. You may read about this brand by clicking on the name. Some more alternative brands of Phantom Tires are given below.

  • Patriot Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • Yokohama Tires
  • Arroyo Tires
  • General Tires

Frequently Asked Questons (FAQs):

Does Michelin make phantom tires?

No, Michelin does not make Phantom Tires. Rather one of their tire manufacturing plants is used to make this tire. Everything is done by Uniroyal.

Are Phantom C Sport good tires?

According to customers’ reviews, the Phantom C Sport tire is very good in quality and people love it for all-season performance.

Is Phantom Tires American Brand?

Yes, Phantom Tires and its parent organization, both are American. Tires of this brand are also made in this country.


That was all for today. I hope you get what you wanted from this discussion. Now it is clear to all who makes Phantom Tires. The buying guide is also enough to help you to select this brand or any other brand for your vehicle. The alternative brands are also discussed on my site. You may read them too. Buy for today.

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