Who Makes On Cloud Shoes? Do You Really Need One?

If we state at least one country whose main aim has always been on running, then it’s obviously Switzerland. To emphasize the running race including ways to reserve it, none other than On company, also known as On clouds took the first initiative to make shoes.

But the question that arises in between is, Who makes on cloud shoes exactly? Where are those stored and manufactured? Is there any subsidiary company?

Well, I also had some dilemmas regarding these. After researching thoroughly, here I am with the results. Keep on reading to know those and have clarity.

Who Makes On Cloud Shoes?

Three friends, one mission- professional athlete Olivier Bernhard and his buddies David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti together established this brand. The brand now creates its own products. On cloud shoes, as well as several ostensibly distinct shoe types

They were devoted to the development of a revolutionary concept. This is the tale of their lives. On was founded in the Swiss Alps with a single objective in mind: to change the running experience. It’s all based on a single revolutionary concept. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as I like to refer to it, “running on clouds.”

WeAreAllOne is a slogan used by sponsors. At the World Athletics Championships in London, the UK, a specially organized refugee squad competes in On Performance Running Gear designed expressly to enable them to flourish on the international scene.

About the Manufacturer

In 2010, On was founded as a sporting goods firm. The company was formed by former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard in conjunction with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. On introduced the Cloudracer in 2012, a Swiss professional triathlete and London 2012 Olympic gold medalist.

The company claims that its shoes’ distinctive selling point is a proprietary cushioning technology called Cloudtec, which is patented. Swiss Tennis professional Roger Federer became a shareholder in On AG in November 2019.

The Cloudflash (ISPO Product of the Year) and the Cloudrush are two new race shoes that highlight On’s performance core in 2017. The company then released a limited edition lifestyle shoe called “The Roger” in July 2020. Based on recent sales growth the company is reported to be exploring IPO options for the latter half of 2021.

Where Are On Cloud Shoes Manufactured?

Since its early days as a Zurich start-up, On has developed as a strong force in an industry dominated for decades by a small number of large competitors like Nike, Adidas and Asics. The shoes are now made in the United States and Switzerland, but future plans are unknown.

Although the company surrendered its start-up status more than seven years ago, Coppetti shrugs off the “multinational” appellation as if it were a dirty word. The corporation fulfills the impression, with a workforce of 48 nationalities and subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Germany, and, most recently, China.

On originated as a high-end running brand, but it has since developed a devoted following among nurses, casual walkers, and trend-setters. Despite the fact that it is not a household name outside of Europe, On shoes are sold in over 4,000 locations in over 50 countries.

When Did On Cloud Shoes Become Popular?

One of the most significant improvements in the new Cloud comes from the ground up. The Cloud’s center channel has been expanded, and the cloud pieces’ inner parts have been angled out from the channel to form a “Y” shape. This new design keeps the shoe’s tread clean and free of anything you might pick up on your run.

These newly shaped cloud parts also help stimulate the natural spiral dynamics of the foot, so you can endure longer than ever wearing the Cloud. They’re also more rounded, which makes transitions and roll motions go more smoothly.

Finally, the new Cloud’s enhanced size and quantity of grip pads in the heel and forefoot where the most energy transfer happens, help you stay in control in wet or wild conditions, as well as any surprises underfoot.

Is On Cloud Shoes a Good Choice For You?

From humble beginnings in Zürich, Switzerland, On set out in 2010 with a lofty goal: to transform the running world. Since then, On has found its way into the hearts and onto the feet of more than seven million runners in more than 50 nations. And there’s no sign of it stopping down any time soon.

After ten years, On running shoes are available in over 6500 premium retail stores in over 50 countries. On has offices in the United States, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, in addition to its European headquarters in Zurich. International design and technological awards have been bestowed on On products. And there’s no sign of a finish line.

On continues to expand, as does our staff of bright minds who think quickly and creatively. So, if you are also a runner of life who runs after success and challenges, this brand is worth your money and expectations, for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where are On cloud shoes manufactured?

The company, like practically every other footwear manufacturer, relies on contract manufacturers. They are mostly found in Vietnam and the United States, where On works with three such contractors.

What are the materials and details?

Like practically all footwear companies, the company relies on contract manufacturers. They are located mostly in Vietnam and USA where On works with three such contractors.

What does the On cloud shoe logo mean?

It signifies that the material can react to a runner’s entire range of motion.

Does Roger Federer own On cloud?

Federer made an unknown investment in a company that makes sneakers with “cloud” soles for an undisclosed value at an undisclosed valuation.

Final Words

Since its launch in 2014, On has climbed numerous podiums, received numerous shoe and performance awards, and established itself as the go-to shoe for millions of active people across the world.

The iconic silhouette continues to expand with the ballistic canvas of the On cloud basics. And now as you know who makes On cloud shoes and other materials, you can wisely select your options.

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