Who Makes Midea Appliances?

Do you know any Chinese brand that is equally popular in China, the USA, and also in other parts of the world? I think that is hard to remember because Chinese brands are neglected in the USA. But Midea Appliances is different. They have a huge customer base in America and Europe. Though Midea Appliances is popular but most people don’t know who makes Midea Appliances.

This discussion is going to be on Midea Appliances and it has an intention to reveal everything about this home and kitchen appliances. I hope you will be able to know about this brand before making any buying decision. So, let’s go deep into the discussion.

Who Makes Midea Appliances?

Midea Appliances are made by its parent organization Midea Group. This is the main organization that controls everything of Midea Appliances from manufacturing to distribution.

Midea Group is a China-based home and electronic appliances manufacturer and distributor. Its headquarter is located in the city of  Beijiao town, which is a part of Guangdong province. The beginning of Midea Group was like most of the other organizations that struggled at the beginning. It started making bottles. But now it is a 40 billion dollars company.

Midea Group started making home appliances in 1980 by producing electric fans for household activities. Now it’s dishwashers, refrigerator, air conditioner, laundry, ranges, microwaves are reigning in the world of home appliances.

Where Are Midea Appliances Made?

The person who is concerned about the product quality always searches for manufacturer, manufacturing place, and technology. Because the quality of a product depends on these things a lot. For this reason, people want to know about the manufacturing place of Midea Appliances.

China is the main hub of Midea Appliances and all its activities are done in this country. Most of the products of Midea Appliances are made in the different cities of China. The main city where most of their manufacturing plants are located is Beijiao. The headquarters is also here.

Besides China, countries like Brazil, India, Egypt, Argentina, Vietnam are also on the list of manufacturing Midea Appliances. Vietnam was the first country outside China that manufactured Midea Appliances. But the other countries contribute very little in production. They only work on the demands of that country.

Who Owns Midea Appliances?

The owner of Midea Appliances is its parent organization and manufacturer Midea Group. This is the written owner of this home appliance brand. But there is someone who is still the owner of Midea Appliances and without any share, he owns the whole group. That person is He Xiangjian.

After founding a small manufacturing workshop, He Xiangjian established the Midea Group single-handedly which is the owner of many brands like Midea Appliances. Besides, He Xiangjian, Midea Holdings is another owner of this home appliances brand. This organization holds 34% of the total share. But interestingly, this is also a company by He Xiangjian.

The key people who are leading Midea Group are working under the leadership of Paul Fang. He is the present Chairman of this company.

Are Midea Appliances Any Good?

The product and model variation of Midea Appliances is huge. From manual to automated, from low priced to costly all types of home appliances are available from this brand. If you look at the popularity of their products then you will get a clear idea about their quality. The opinion of Midea Appliances users expresses how good their products are.

My research and personal opinion is in support of Midea Appliances. They are manufactured with very good technology and while making them, Midea Group always keeps customer satisfaction in mind. That’s why the products are loved by people. The price and customer support of Midea Appliances are also very good.

But there are some bad sides too about this brand. But most of them are against the seller only. People who are dissatisfied with Midea products, blame the dealers, sellers, or servicing personnel. Otherwise, Midea Appliances is a good brand of home appliances. The following products are for you if you are searching for them. I list the most popular items from each category.

Who Sells Midea Appliances?

Like other brands, Midea also has its own sellers around the world. especially in the big cities of most of the countries. So, Midea retailers or dealers are the main sellers of Midea Appliances. If you want, you may search for their retailers on Google by writing the name of your city.

The retailers are the registered sellers of Midea Appliances. But there are some non-registered sellers also. They are mostly home appliance sellers in your city. You may buy from them. Now online sellers are popular. They sell in every corner of the world. Online sellers are the most popular sellers in every part of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Midea Made in the USA?

No, Midea Appliances is a Chinese brand and most of its manufacturing plants are in China and other countries of South Asia and South America. They are not made in the USA.

How long has Midea been making appliances?

Midea has been making home appliances since 1980. Their appliance making started by producing fans.

Are Midea freezers reliable?

The customers’ reviews of Midea freezers are very good and they are made with updated technology. So, I can say Midea freezers are reliable.

Are Midea and Carrier the same?

The Midea Appliances and Carrier are different. They have different owners and different businesses. But their business relationship is very good. They together started a venture that is called Carrier Midea India.


After blowing the minds of millions of customers, I hope they are successful with you too. After reading this, you should find Midea Appliances as best for you. You should not look down upon this brand for its origin if you are an American.

My intention was to present Midea Appliances before you by answering some questions including who makes Midea Appliances. If you find this brand interesting then take a buying decision without any delay. Thanks for reading from me.

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