Who Makes Maytag Refrigerators? Know What You Need

Maytag is a reputed refrigerator selling brand that sells several electronic home appliances, as well as outdoor structures for office houses. It is one of the long-lasting rands of the USA that started its journey in 1970 and still goes on with the same popularity.

Now the leading question that arises is, who makes Maytag refrigerators? Where are the freezers made? Or why should you buy any of the refrigerators?

To know the answers, this article will have an apt observation. Stay with us and go through the article before reaching your decision.

Who Makes Maytag Refrigerators?

Maytag is now owned by Whirpool corporation and the company makes refrigerators for Maytag. The fact that their machines are simpler than some of the newer models, which are deemed more current by consumers, is the main reason for their high rating.

Hundreds of appliance repair experts work for the Maytag brand in over 25 major metro regions across the United States. The poll was completed by about 20% of the company’s technicians, according to the company.

Whirlpool, for example, placed first in the rankings for refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers.

About the Maytag Manufacturer

Whirlpool Corporation is dedicated to being the best global kitchen and laundry company, always striving to make life easier at home. In an increasingly digital world, the company’s iconic brand portfolio, includes Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Maytag.

The company is driving intentional innovation to suit the shifting requirements of consumers. In 2021, the corporation will have yearly sales of around $22 billion, 69,000 people, and 54 manufacturing and technology research facilities.

Their main desire is to be the best kitchen and laundry company, that will be constant in improving your lifestyle as well as gain customers’ trust. Their 5-star rating summarizes that on a precise note.

Are Whirlpool And Maytag Refrigerators Made By The Same Company?

As Whirpool recently got ownership over the Maytag brand, it is no question why people get misconceptions regarding both of these companies. I have talked earlier about the topic but now, I will be giving reference to my words.

Maytag Overview

Maytag appliances are designed with the hard-hitting features you need to move mountains of laundry, and their kitchen appliances are equipped to tackle dinne, while their laundry machines are designed with the tough-hitting features you need to move mountains of laundry.

If you want appliances with an industrial feel, Maytag’s extensive line of utilitarian stainless-steel alternatives will appeal to you.

Whirlpool Overview

Whirlpool is often regarded as a “great-value” manufacturer, straddling the mass and mass-premium market segments in terms of price and brand reputation. What this implies is that you can anticipate a large choice of Whirlpool household appliances at affordable prices.

Whirlpool appliances have the features that can keep up with your family life at every turn, from freestanding to built-in installations and baseline to smart-capable features.

But above all, each of their products are designed with top-of-the-line technologies and innovations to help give families the care they need. So, the companies are different but cooperates with one another.

Where Is Maytag Refrigerators Made?

Maytag company is mainly under Whirpool which is why the products are mostly made in USA now. But earlier, it was headquartered in Amana, Lowa and still most of its products are manufactured there.

While firms like Bosch and Thermador employ Americans and have production facilities in the United States, they are still privately held. Meanwhile, some refrigerator production is outsourced to other countries by American corporations like Maytag.

Are Maytag Refrigerators Good Enough?

When purchasing a new refrigerator, there are various aspects to consider, including configuration, capacity, features, and finish. And if I say specifically, then these are reasons of Maytag’s speciality. Here’s why-

Style And Configuration (French Door)

Refrigerated food is at eye level in French door refrigerators, while frozen products are below. Two doors open to a single refrigerator compartment on the top and a deeper freezer drawer on the bottom in the traditional French door arrangement.

1. French door refrigerators frequently include the following features:

2. Water dispensers, single and double ice makers, and dual air conditioning are all available.

3. Customizable drawers, slide-in shelves for taller goods, and structured freezer storage are all examples of specialized storage.

Top And Bottom Freezer System

Top-freezer refrigerators have the freezer on top and a single-door refrigerator on the bottom, allowing for simpler access to the freezer.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators, like French doors, have a single door refrigerator on top and a deeper freezer drawer below. These variants have a more accessible refrigerator section.

Top-freezer and bottom-freezer models have fewer features and are smaller than French door and side-by-side models and you’ll get both of the specialities at Maytag’s.

Fridge Capacity And Storage

Maytag storage solutions, including as sliding shelves and wide trays, are ideal for storing extra-tall objects or large platters. They could be a good match if you value:

  1. Smaller widths for compact places, with adequate capacity.
  1. As ice and water dispensers are less prevalent, they can fit into places without a water connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes Maytag refrigerators now?

Whirlpool is one of the most well-known and well-established brands in the appliance repair sector, and Whirlpool Corporation now owns Maytag.

What brands are made by Maytag?

Maytag was one of the top three main appliance manufacturers in North America, with a comprehensive array of refrigerators, and ranges available under the Maytag, JennAir, Amana, and Magic Chef brands.

Is Maytag made in China?

Maytag is the oldest brand of laundry machines created in the United States, despite the fact that Whirlpool has controlled the name since 2006.

Final Words

Whether you require a standard capacity refrigerator with a capacity of roughly 20 cubic feet or if you have a small family or limited space, a small space refrigerator with a capacity of 11 to 18 cubic feet- Maytag is the solution.

Now as you know who makes Maytag refrigerators and where the manufacturing process is progrseed, it’s your turn to choose precisely.


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