Who Makes Magic Chef Refrigerators? Did You Know These Facts Before?

No matter if you are a compact refrigerators fan or seeking small kitchen appliances Magic Chef got you just when you need them. The Magic Chef brand is now undergoing a revitalization in terms of product development and got the highest popularity recently.

I have been researching this specific brand for quite a long time and gathered all the information regarding who makes Magic Chef refrigerators and their origin.

So, don’t wait any further, and let’s jump into the video.

Who Makes Magic Chef Refrigerators?

Magic Chef is now owned by  CNA International Inc. But recently, it was named after Maytag, the high-end company in the USA. And now, Maytag is handed over to Whirpool- so as a whole, Whirlpool makes Magic Chef refrigerators.

Despite the fact that Magic Chef does not specialize in full-size refrigerators, there are a variety of other fantastic Magic Chef refrigeration products to consider. “Easy everything,” “daily reliability,” and “accessible customer service” are the pillars upon which it is founded.

Simply put, the Magic Chef brand is dedicated to producing dependable and convenient products.

About the Manufacturer

Talking of the manufacturing origin, Magic Chef has 2 owners- Maytag and Whirpool. Both of the owners have sole ownership but now, it seems that Whirpool got the initial authority all along.

In the 1850s, a German immigrant named John Ringen opened a tin shop in St. Louis, a significant river port city. Ringens’ business grew, and in 1870 he teamed together with George Kahle to market housewares.

The stoves were made by the Quick Meal Stove Company, with the Ringen Stove Company managing all of Quick Meal’s output. The Magic Chef brand name was initially established in 1929, and the American Stove Company formally changed its name to Magic Chef, in 1951.

Where Are The Magic Chef Refrigerators Made?

Magic Chef Refrigerators are made in Cleveland, Tenn, USA. But as I have already told you, Whirlpool now has the full authorization, so some of their types of equipment are being brought from Germany and Italy too.

Microwaves, tiny refrigerators, small kitchen appliances, and other related categories were licensed by MCA Corporation in 1996. Whirlpool sold the Magic Chef brand to MCA Corporation in 2010.

MCA recognized the brand’s great potential and emotional connection with consumers and decided to make a larger, long-term commitment to it.

Is Magic Chef A Chinese Company?

No, Magic Chef is not a Chinese Company and in fact, it neither has any headquarters in Chinese Province. The former name of Magic Chef is an American Stove company that itself talks about its American formers.

In 1951, American Stove Company changed its name to Magic Chef, Inc. since the Magic Chef moniker was so successful as an oven and stove brand. The company’s refrigerators remained popular, but efforts to expand the brand to other household appliances were unsuccessful.

How Long Do Magic Chef Fridges Last?

Magic Chef products are well-known for their long-lasting review and that works as the reason why people always keep it as their first priority in the electronic industry. Magic Chef offers you a 5-year warranty promise with anytime reviewing process.

In general, you’ll get it in a problem-free form for at least 2 years. After that, you might encounter some small structuralism faults like- cooling inefficiency, tempering problems and so on. But as they wrote in their delivering brochure, you will get their response.

What Are The Best Magic Chef Refrigerators?

Although the company has produced a variety of items since its inception, it now specializes on small appliances. A hand mixer, Refrigerators, a can opener, a toaster, a micro chopper, an iron, a coffeemaker, and an electric knife are all part of the Magic Chef small appliance collection.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more compact refrigerator than an apartment size refrigerator, a Magic Chef Refrigerator is ideal.

Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator

The Magic Chef small refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1.7 to 10 cubic feet, and are ideal for dorm rooms, flats, offices, and entertainment areas. They are available in black, white, and stainless steel.

They make a couple smaller top freezer freezers, which drew our attention. If the restricted freezer capacity in most compact refrigerators is too confining, these options can help you expand your possibilities.

Magic Chef Freezer

If you already own a Magic Chef refrigerator, there are two Magic Chef freezers available, with storage capacities ranging from 5.5 to 7.2 cu. ft.

They also have a compact freezer series that ranges from a small 3.0 cu. ft. freezer to a large 10.0 cu. ft. freezer. Their Stand Up Stand Alone freezer units are ideal for those who require more freezer space but lack the space for a chest freezer.

Commercial Refrigerators NorPole

Magic Chef also manufactures a series of commercial refrigerators under the NorPole name.

These higher-end devices are more efficient and long-lasting, making them ideal for commercial rather than home use.

Are Magic Chef Refrigerators Any Good?

It has a five-star customer rating, indicating that it performs admirably in the marketplace. The product line’s models start at a fair price point and come in a variety of sizes.

This appliance normally comes with a one- to five-year guarantee, which is standard for any other refrigerator. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to get the extended warranty, wait a year and observe how the device performs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the rating on Magic Chef refrigerator?

The Magic Chef fridge has an average rating of 4.2 on Amazon.

Is Magic Chef a good brand for a mini fridge?

Yes, the brand is good for mini fridge, top end fridge and cooler.

Who makes Magic Chef Refrigerators?

CNA Int. makes the Chef refrigerators under Whirpool and Maytag.


Magic Chef’s Countertop and Over-the-Range Refrigerators are available from MCA Corporation to help busy consumers store quick meals quickly and easily.

We have already talked a lot about who makes Magic Chef refrigerators and other relevant topics regarding it. Now if you have any more queries, do let us know.


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