Who Makes LS Tractors?

When you are searching for any agricultural machinery or new in this field, LS Tractor is a way more preferable choice. But before knowing its pros and cons, you need to know who makes LS tractors, right? Partially, you might also take interest in being acquainted with their production equipment and their procedure.

LS tractors are manufactured by LS Mtron Co., Ltd., a South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Anyang, Gyeonggi. Tractors and injection molding equipment are among its offerings. LS Mtron is a subsidiary of the LS Group, which was formed in 2003 after LG Group was split up.

We will be talking about all the relevant topics related to the LS brand, especially the tractors. Stay with us to know more about your query!

Who Makes LS Tractors?

LS Tractor has approximately 100 offices and affiliate firms in over 25 countries. Nonetheless, all tractor parts are made in Korean factories. They’ve been assembled in the United States for well over a decade.

LS has received a lot of great feedback. But here’s one thing we’ve learned from previous LS customers: Before you buy an LS, make sure there’s a dealer in your region.

In rare circumstances, the dependability of an LS Tractor might become a liability. If no one is available to provide Korean-made spare parts or mechanical support, you may be in for a headache.

About LS Mtron Company

LS Mtron Co., Ltd. is a company that makes industrial machinery and high-tech components. Tractors, injection molding machines, track shoes, connector/antenna, copper foil, automotive parts, and ultracapacitors are among the products available from the company.

LS Mtron Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Anyang, South Korea, and has manufacturing plants in Jeonju and Jeongeup. The corporation was founded in 1962 under the name Korea Cable Industry. LS Mtron Co., Ltd. is an LS Corporation subsidiary.

Since its inception in the tractor business in 1977, LS Mtron has steadily developed to become the market leader in Korea in terms of tractor sales by 2012. And now that the Brazilian facility is operational, following the establishment of a large sales office in the United States (2012) and a factory in China (2012), LS Mtron is rapidly expanding as a global agricultural machinery firm, selling tractors in over 40 countries.

What are the Representative Products of LS Mtron?

You can dig, move or mow- and be confident that genuine LS attachments and implements are of the highest quality and performance for your tractor. These tractors are designed for any application, from snow and dirt removal to taming the hardest lawns and fields.

LS Mtron tractors prioritize distinct design and ease, as well as power and usability. The driver’s seat’s attractive and ergonomic design provides the operator with a very comfortable working environment. Talking about the usage, tractors are of 2 categories-

Small Tractor

With its rotary tiller and plows attached, this handy and maneuverable equipment can be used in tight locations such as orchards, plastic greenhouses, and gardens.

Tractors above the utility class

Heavy-duty duties such as plowing, seeding, cultivating, weeding, harvesting, and transportation in fields or rice paddies are easily handled by this equipment.

Representatives Products of LS

(84115HP) XP Series

Utility Tractors with a High Capacity

4WD Heavy Duty Utility Tractors are equipped with high horsepower engines to handle the heavy-duty tasks of medium-sized farms, hay operations, and cattle ranches.

XR Series (35-55 horsepower)

Compact Tractors of Superior Quality

Eco-friendly Fully equipped compact tractors with ergonomically built cabins provide greater comfort and a smoother ride.

MT1 Series (225HP)

Subcompact Tractors

In strong, smart sub-compact tractors, superior performance and agility are integrated.

Is LS Tractor Any Good?

Nobody provides you more bang for your buckā€”not just in terms of horsepower. Some companies charge a fee for an extended warranty. Some may even draw you into additional costs. In the case of LS Mtron, however, the converse is true!

On most of the tractors we sell, they provide a six-year limited powertrain warranty, including parts and service, in addition to the two-year bumper-to-bumper protection that comes standard with every LS. There is no deductible and few exceptions.

Compare their brief, easy-to-understand warranty to the others and see for yourself that LS Tractor has you protected. There are no hidden expenses with their Honest Pricing policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does the LS stand for in LS tractors?

LS is an abbreviation for Larger Solutions. The company’s name is LS Mtron, and it is a member of the LG family.

Are Kioti and LS Tractors the same?

Kioti tractors are manufactured in Korea and sold there. LS Tractor of Korea manufactures the LS brand of tractors supplied throughout North America.

Are LS Tractors American-made?

The LS Group includes LS Tractor USA and its tractor manufacturing parent, LS Mtron.

Is LS tractor the same as New Holland?

LS and New Holland are not the same things. LS builds some of the basic components, but the NH has different engines, among other things.

Where are LS tractors made?

LS Mtron Co., Ltd. is a South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province.


LS Tractors are the most hyped agricultural machinery manufactured by LS Mtron. The company has more than 5 branches worldwide and is now expanding its fame with newly launched products.

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