Who Makes Lemans Tires? History and FAQs

Lemans is a small name in the field of the tire industry but this is not alone. There is a big gun behind this one. Lemans Tires was a better option for vehicle owners in the first phase of its journey. But the parent organization resurrected it after a break. But do you know who is that big gun? Who makes Lemans tires?

This discussion will talk about this tire brand and all its good and bad. With that, the discussion will inform you about the product quality, brand owner, and alternatives of Lemans tires. So, without making any delay, let’s start knowing about this brand.

Who Makes Lemans Tires?

The leader of the tire and rubber industry Bridgestone Americas, Inc. makes Lemans tires. They make tires for the users of modern sedans, sport coupes, CUVs, and SUVs. Bridgestone Americas, Inc is a big boss in the tire field. That’s why people trust Lemans tires more than others.

Some people are always in search of tires that are made by an organization that is experienced in this field. To that type of people, Lemans might be best. Because Lemans Tire’s parent organization Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is in the tire industry since 1931. So, you can guise the level of expertise they have.

The product quality, manufacturing team, tire-making technology all are the best about Lemans Tire. So, there should not be any doubt. But where Bridgestone Americas makes Lemans Tires? Let’s see them in the next section.

Who Owns Lemans Tires?

The actual owner of Lemans Tires is its parent organization Bridgestone Americas, Inc. They started and then stopped and again started this tire brand. Now, this organization controls all the activities of this brand. So, they can be said to be the owner of this tire brand.

If search more about the owner of Lemans Tires then we will find the name of the Ishibashi family. Because they hold more than 10% share of the Bridgestone group. They can be said to be the founder of this brand too. Shojiro Ishibashi, one member of this family founded Bridgestone.

So, the Ishibashi family is the owner of the Bridgestone group and this organization is the owner of Lemans Tires. Finally, this family owns this tire brand. We can call them the owner of this tire brand.

Where Are Lemans Tires Made?

This might be a confusing term for some people and some may think of avoiding this brand after reading the answer to this question. Because Lemans Tires are not made in America. Though the parent organization Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is an American brand and they control their business from this country but their tires for Lemans Tires are imported from China.

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. had a contract with the Chinese tire manufacturer Shandong Guofeng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd. to make tires for them. That’s why this Chinese organization makes Lemans Tires. But if you think only American tires are best then you may buy this tire also without any hesitation.

Though Lemans Tires are made in China but the parent organization maintains quality very strictly. They ensure tire quality before importing to America and make all kinds of checks. So, nothing to be warred about the quality and manufacturing place.

Are Lemans Tires Any Good?

Before making any buying decision, we should know about the brand that we are planning to buy from. This is a very good habit. I think you should know about Lemans Tire’s qualities before buying any tires from them. There are so many good things about Lemans Tires to impress you and give you a better service.

One good thing about Lemans Tires is that they have all-season tires. You will find all these three kinds of tires from this brand. So, this is a plus point for you. Another thing about this tire brand is worth considering. That is their experience. They are an experienced tire manufacturer. So, you may trust them easily. The tire performance is also impressive.

With that, the customer service is also very much satisfactory. The price of their tires is low enough. There is nothing to be warred about. So, I think you will love this tire brand for you. If you think so, then there are some products of this brand below. You may purchase from there.

Alternatives of Lemans Tires

From tire quality to customer support, almost everything about Lemans Tires is impressive. So, I think there should be any delay in making an order from Lemans. But this is completely my opinion. You may have a different view and need. If you think you want something else then search for an alternative of Lemans Tires.

The abundance of Lemans Tire’s alternatives will confuse you about which one to pick. But I think you should know about the first then make any decision. I am offering you a chance of knowing about all the alternatives of Lemans Tires. Pick the name from the list and click on it.

  • Yokohama Tires
  • GT Radial Tires
  • Ohtsu Tires
  • Sentury Tires
  • General Tires

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who makes Lemans touring tires?

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. makes all the tires of Lemans Tires including touring tires. Not only Lemans touring tires rather all the tires of Lemans Tires are made by Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Does kelly make Lemans tire?

No, Kelly is another tire brand. They do not make Lemans tire. They have different tires and they make these tires, not Lemans tire.

Who makes Lemans SUV tires?

I said that all the tires of Lemans tire are made by Bridgestone Americas, Inc. In the same way, Lemans SUV tires are also made by Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Who sells Lemans tires in Richmond Indiana?

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. sells Lemans tires in Richmond Indiana. They do all the things of this tire including selling.


Till now, users are very much satisfied with the Lemans Tires. I think you will also enjoy its services. I tried to help you know some important information about Lemans Tires including who makes Lemans Tires. I think this helps you a lot. You may also read about the alternative brands from our website. I have discussions on them too. Bye for today.

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