Who Makes Kioti Tractors?

When we talk about quality tractors with marketplace staying power, the first name that comes to mind is Kioti. Kioti is the trademark used in the European, American, and Australian markets for these tractors. But do you know who makes Kioti tractors? Where is their headquarters? Or what was their motto behind it?

Daedong USA, a branch of Daedong Industrial Company, manufactures Kioti tractors in South Korea and Wendell, North Carolina. Kioti Tractor sells around 40 different tractor models in the United States and Canada, including zero-turn mowers, five utility vehicle models, and other accessories and tools.

We will be talking about the manufacturers, how they managed to launch their products, and ins and outs. If you are interested in knowing agricultural productivity, stay with us and read the article!

Who Makes Kioti Tractors?

Daedong manufactures Kioti Tractors in South Korea and the United States. Daedong is one of the world’s major steel producers, specializing in the production of engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, gears, tractors, construction equipment, and much more.

Daedong is a key supplier in the globe today, producing goods for brands such as Bobcat, Mahindra, McCormick, Cub Cadet, and many others. Daedong has been operating for well over 70 years and has been selling tractors in the United States for over 30 years, so you can be sure they will be around for a long time.

Today, the company produces a full line of mini tractors, utility vehicles, and zero-turn radius mowers for home and commercial use. KIOTI is unwavering in its commitment to the innovation and growth of tractor technology, value, and service.

And in this pursuit, KIOTI understands that two things will always be critical to its success: putting our customers first and believing in the power of cooperation.

History of Daedong Industrial Company

Daedong Industrial Company has been at the forefront of Korean agricultural machinery construction since its inception in 1947, taking the lead in the fields of agriculture manufacturer modernization and agricultural machinery advancement by designing the first cultivating machine.

Daedong’s expansion of its cutting-edge engine production line in 2006 enabled it to meet the different requirements of the machinery industry with a capacity of 40,000 units per year of multi-cylinder engines of consistent quality via automated creation.

Furthermore, Daedong R&D Center is constantly expanding its research field into the creation of environmentally friendly diesel engines and creative goods. Daedong has received EPA, EEC, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications as a result of the addition of these products and the quality control system.

What Country Makes the Kioti Tractor?

Kioti tractor is made by the South Korean company, but it has quite a few branches. For example- Kioti USA, Kioti Uk, Kioti Canada.

Kioti USA

Daedong-USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. in the United States that specializes in the selling of high-quality tractors, UTVs, zero-turn mowers, accessories, and other items.

Since 1986, when the first Kioti was introduced in the United States, Kioti has grown at a rapid pace. The new goods were displayed for the first time in December during KIOTI’s annual dealer conference, which was done online and attended by dealers from around the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Kioti UK

In order to help with the supply of the Kioti tractor and spare parts throughout Europe, Kioti EU was created in 2012 and relocated to Rotterdam. Kioti Tractors UK opened its doors in February 2016.

The company’s only mission is to sell, develop, and service Kioti tiny tractors and utility side-by-side vehicles. Kioti tractors Uk Dealer network is used for all sales. Beckside Machinery is an authorized Kioti dealer.

Kioti Canada

KIOTI Canada, a subsidiary of Daedong-USA, Inc., was established in 2018 with a distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario. This facility will expand KIOTI’s distribution network by strategically positioning assembled inventories and component supplies in the main market.

Customers of KIOTI Canada benefit from a growing dealer network dedicated to providing great customer service across Canada.

Along with Kioti tractors, the company provides a wide range of equipment. Woods, a Daedong subsidiary based in the United States, manufactures them.

Is Kioti’s Engine Manufactured In-House?

Kioti makes tractor engines and has risen to be a market leader in the production of diesel engines and agricultural equipment in Korea, with its products receiving international acclaim. Kioti builds all of its equipment from the ground up and provides all of its components to assure its continuous operation for decades.

In 1964, Daedong Industrial commenced domestic production of single-cylinder diesel engines. In 1983, it began developing and manufacturing multiple cylinder engines on its own, selling them all over the world, including North America and Europe.

Daedong has created engines that meet North American and European emission requirements, with engine lineups ranging from 19 to 75 horsepower and seven models in four series. It has also received US EPA Tier 4 final certification and Europe Stage IIIB certification, putting it in direct competition with major global engine manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Kioti tractors made by Kubota?

Kioti tractors are not the same as Kubota tractors, and each firm builds tractors with unique features.

Who makes the engines for Kioti tractors?

Daedong, the same company that makes KIOTI tractors, manufactures KIOTI Tier 4 engines. That is, the majority of major components are designed and manufactured in the same location.

Does Kioti make their own engines?

Yes, they make their own engines and have a factory where they produce castings and items for other businesses such as Kubota Hyundai and Kia.

Which is better, Kubota or Kioti?

The Kioti CK2610H has an almost 2.5-inch longer wheelbase than the Kubota, which implies the Kioti may have a smoother ride and more stability on a constant basis.

Are Kioti tractors any good?

There are a lot of happy KIOTI owners out there. This is because KIOTI attempts to provide top-quality tractors, UTVs, and attachments at the most competitive prices.


Kioti tractors are known to be powered by Daedong diesel engines, which are recognized to be fuel-efficient. For more than 65 years, the Daedong engine line has been consistently improved, fortified, and expanded, and it is currently regarded as one of the world’s best.

So, without any doubt, Kioti is your best choice in the long run!

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