Who Makes Freebird Shoes? Mistakes You Made Earlier

Just like its name, Freebird is a well-known brand that produces all of its shoes within an independent circulation. The fact that the entire collection was created in CO makes perfect sense. These shoes fit the Colorado lifestyle to a T. Boho yet utilitarian, tough but lovely.

Now the most frequent question that arises in our mind is, who makes Freebird shoes? What was their plan behind this? Are these only made in the USA? And so many more, right?

To answer all those questions of yours, I am here to knock your confusion out! Stay in this article to be there where you have always wanted to be in regards to knowledge about shoes.

Who Makes Freebird Shoes?

Freebird, founded in 2009 by Steve Madden is a passionate team of designers based in Denver, Colorado. They are a stand-alone brand within Steve focused on high-quality footwear and fashion. You will not only discover shoes here but also handcrafted works of art.

Luxury leathers and exquisite metalwork are used to create each shoe. Freebird is guaranteed to offer a perfect fit for you, whether you’re looking for their boots, booties, or sandals in any style. Because each shoe is totally handcrafted, each one is slightly unique, adding to the Colorado vibe.

Freebird by Steven thinks that fashion should not be limited to a specific group and aims to appeal to everyone. They offer a variety of styles aimed at those who are daring enough to experiment with fashion.

About the Manufacturer

The business was founded on a passion for boots. Steve, the proprietor, set out to create an original design that would make your boots as one-of-a-kind as you. Each pair is handcrafted utilizing the time-honored Goodyear welt method, combining quality and fashion.

So you feel like you can tackle anything once you slip on a pair of FREEBIRD boots. You are one-of-a-kind, and you should constantly be noticed. While the tough design of the Freebird means they don’t need to be handled with care, they do need to be maintained in order to last and look their best.

Leather shoes can last 5–15 years, according to Randy Lipson, owner of Cobblestone Shoe Repair in St. Louis. To avoid stains, Freebird suggests spraying their boots and shoes with a water-resistant spray. According to Harper’s Bazaar, David Mesquita, VP of Leather Spa, hydrating leather shoes and boots will help them retain their luster and suppleness.

Where Is Freebird Soes Made?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Freebird has always been known as an outstanding group of dedicated individuals that share the same goal to establish a one-of-a-kind company. Not only do they make boots, but also make wearable works of art.

Every staff wants to provide you with a wonderful experience, whether it’s in their stores or online. They will do everything possible to ensure that this occurs. Always the best customer service and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet here.

Steve wants to make buying boots online as simple and convenient as visiting one of our stores. If you have any doubts about the quality, return labels are printed and included with every shipment for convenience and speed.

What Are The Basic Differences In the Freebird Details?

Freebird shoes are produced by hand and feature a rustic look (per Fashion&Mash). A western-styled shoe would look great with this rustic look. The Freebirds appear to be ready to hit the trail and embark on an adventure.

Because Freebird shoes are constructed of real leather, there may be some flaws, but these are to be expected. Freebird’s inventive stitching, according to Lloyd Miller of WalkJogRun, creates a “beautiful result out of flawed materials.”

The Goodyear Welt Construction of Freebird’s boots and shoes is one of the company’s selling points. This method, according to Primer Magazine, is the most durable and time-consuming way to make a shoe or boot.

The welt is a strip of leather that runs between the shoe’s upper and outsole. A shoe with Goodyear Welting is built to last. This method of assembly also makes it easier to resole the shoe, extending its lifespan.

Are Freebird Shoes Really Worth It?

In 2009, this Denver, Colorado-based business debuted in the fashion world. The eye-catching, distinctive style of Freebird boots, shoes, and purses reflects the company’s basic values of freedom, individuality, and independence.

Bellevue, a stacked heel penny loafer from Freebird, is one of their most beautiful shoes. Brilliant green Croco leather offers this shoe a fresh, vibrant appeal. For strappy style, Felicity offers four buckled straps and leather adorned with sparkling silver studs.

While all Freebird boots pay respect to their western roots, the Lusitano goes a step farther.

Leopard print and brown leather, dazzling red Croco, and white snake are just a few of the interesting possibilities available for this twist on the typical western boot. Exotic leathers, hand finishing, and intricate designs distinguish Freebird’s shoes and boots which recall how it’s worth your expectations!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

How long do Freebird boots last?

Leather shoes, according to Louis, can last 5–15 years (per Seattle Times). Cleaning and conditioning the leather properly prevents stiffness and cracking.

Do Freebird boots run large?

Because each FREEBIRD shoe is crafted by hand, the artisanal process may cause some models to run smaller or larger than our standard sizing.

How long does Freebird shipping take?

For all orders in the United States, the company offers expedited shipping; you can choose to pay a higher postage fee at checkout to have your product expedited. With fast delivery, you may anticipate getting your order within 2-3 business days after it has been dispatched.

Do Freebird shoes fit wide feet?

They were roomy enough for my wide foot and didn’t slide around much in the ankle. This review was useful to 0 people.

Are Freebird boots made by Steve Madden?

The Freebird brand, which is still in its infancy, is technically a separate entity from Steve Madden.

Final Words

My goal was always to make you guys sure about what you feel comfortable in. In this article, I have tried to cover who makes Freebird shoes and other relevancies regarding this topic.

If you still have any queries, do let us know!

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