Do You Know Who Makes Farmtrac Tractors?

People tend to find the cheapest materials when they are investing low in budget, right? But if you are one of those who prioritizes quality over anything, then the Farmtrac tractors are just made for you. In terms of polish acts, durability and any other structuralism, it is your way to go!

But do you know who makes Farmtrac tractors? Where is the company actually based? Well, we have the answers to your questions! In this article, we will be talking about these things, in regards to their relevancies. So, if you are planning on it on a serious note, you got us.

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Who Makes Farmtrac Tractors?

The Escorts Group (Escorts Agri) manufactures Farmtrac tractors in India for sale in India and Poland. Escorts Agri is one of three brands built by the company. Escort and Powertrac are the other brands. Escorts introduced the Farmtrac brand in 1996 in response to the loss of the Ford/New Holland license in India.

Farmtrac is the flagship brand of Escorts Agri Machinery, one of India’s largest tractor manufacturers. Escorts’ foray into farm mechanization has assisted in transforming rural India’s farmland challenges into yields of opportunity.

Escorts Agri Machinery was created to assist India in strengthening its presence in the agricultural sector and making this core sector one of the most important contributors to the national economy. It has lived up to its ambitions by tailoring its products to specific farmer needs.

About the Manufacturer

Escorts was founded in 1944 under the name Escorts Agents. For more than five decades, it has played a critical role in India’s agricultural growth. Escorts, one of the country’s leading tractor manufacturers, offers a comprehensive range of tractors, with over 45 variants ranging from 25 to 80 HP.

Escort, Farmtrac, and Powertrac are the most well-known and preferred brands of tractors from the Escorts company. The company is a leading material handling and construction equipment manufacturer, producing and marketing a wide range of equipment such as cranes, loaders, vibratory rollers, and forklifts.

Today, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of Pick ‘n’ Carry Hydraulic Mobile Cranes. In today’s global marketplace, Escorts is rapidly undergoing an internal transformation that will position it as a key driver of manufacturing excellence on a global scale. For this, the company goes beyond simply adhering to prevailing norms.

Are Farmtrac Tractors Any Good?

Farmtrac by Escorts Group is one of India’s leading tractor brands. Farmtrac tractors are designed with the goal of selling tractors both internationally and domestically.

Farmtrac models are always built with cutting-edge technology, such as high traction technology. It produces tractors ranging in power from 37 to 75 horsepower and is known for their high power and efficiency. Farmtrac tractors are well-known for their versatility, superior performance, and maximum comfort.

The Multi Oil-immersed brakes help to reduce slippage and provide a high level of grip. Farmtrac tractors are useful in farm operations such as cultivator, rotavator, planter, plow, and so on. It has eight forward and two reverse gears. The largest fuel tank capacity of 50 liters allows you to work for longer periods of time.

With a lifting capacity of 1400 kg, these are the most powerful. The price is reasonable and within the customers’ budget.

Why Would You Choose Farmtrac Tractors?

Farmtrac provides high performance, reliable, durable, and multi-application tractors that perform admirably, particularly in Indian farming conditions, while ensuring maximum driver comfort. In short, Farmtrac tractors provide an effective blend of style and substance.

Also, if you compare those to the Bobcat or Tata company, you might think of feeling low. But the fact that it’s popular on the basis of its durability, be sure of having a proper outcome.

Farmtrac offers a wide range of tractors with engine options ranging from 22 HP to 80 HP, allowing farmers to extract the maximum output based on their farming needs. Farmtrac offers excellent value for money by offering innovative, technologically advanced, and high-quality tractors at a reasonable and affordable price.

Farmtrac mini-tractors are priced between INR 4,00,000 and INR 4,50,000, while other tractor models are priced between INR 5,00,000 and INR 10,50,000.

Are Bobcat and Farmtrac Tractors Returning to the U.S.?

Bobcat, the maker of the iconic skid steer loader, announced this year that it will return to compact tractors, aiming for $165 million in annual sales, or a 5% market share of the compact tractor market over the next five years.

Following the acquisition of Bobcat by South Korean manufacturer Doosan Infracore from Ingersoll Rand in 2008, the company launched the Bobcat tractor. However, failure to make progress during a difficult period for tractor sales resulted in the decision not to renew the initial 5-year supply contract with LS Mtron in 2012.

Doosan Bobcat will collaborate with Daedong Industries, the manufacturer of Kioti brand tractors, to create the new Bobcat tractor line this time. The Indian manufacturer has returned to North America under the aegis of Farmtrac U.S., based in Collins, Miss.

With a line of 40-60 horsepower tractors sold through a dozen dealer outlets in Mississippi, as well as neighboring Louisiana and Alabama, they are actually fixing the decision!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Which is the best tractor for farmers?

Tractor Gyan Blog.

What is the price of Farmtrac tractors?

It varies from $8000 to $10000.

Is Farmtrac an Indian corporation?

The Escorts Group (Escorts Agri) manufactures Farmtrac tractors in India for sale in India and Poland

Who manufactures the Farmtrac tractor?

Escorts, an Indian manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, is also re-entering the American market with its Farmtrac tractor line.


Farmtrac tractors are built with advanced technology solutions, and they have excellent features, the best performance, and the highest fuel efficiency. As now you’ve known who makes Farmtrac tractors, you might be a bit confident to buy it, aren’t you?

If you are still confused, don’t forget to let us know!

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