Who Makes Farm Pro Tractors? Why is it so Popular?

If you have a minimal understanding of agriculture, you’ll understand how important it is to find the best tractor for rural industries. Talking of the best ones, The Farm Pro Line of cost-effective diesel tractors is ideal for farm, ranch, and lawn maintenance projects.

In his article, we will walk you through different aspects of Farm protractors and let you know who makes farm protractors. Also, we will talk about the ins and outs, also the infrastructure regarding this very model of vehicle.

Stay with us and look further if you are eager to know more!

Who Makes Farm Pro Tractors?

Farm pro tractors are mostly made by their own company. But as they are the subsidiary group of Homier Distributing company, they also have the ownership of these tractors. Homier Company Inc is in the Building Material and Supplies Dealers industry.

It is based in Huntington, Indiana. Homier Distributing Company Inc employs 260 people across all of its locations and has a revenue of $42.15 million (USD). The Homier Distributing Company Inc corporate family consists of two companies.

On the other hand, FarmPro is ifac’s premium service for farmers who are looking to the future. To help you better run and manage your farm, it combines expert financial reporting, planning, and forecasting with our new leading, dedicated farm software.

About the Manufacturer

Farm Pro Tractors, based in Huntington, Indiana, is a tractor importer. Farm Pro is a subsidiary of Homier Distribution, a large tool and household item importer with a website and traveling tent sales. In 2002, they started importing and selling tractors and implements.

Implements bearing the Minneapolis-Moline brand and colors began to be imported around 2011. From about 2003 to 2012, when Homier phased out the tractor line, the Farm Pro brand was in use. The tractor in question is manufactured in China.

They’re also sold under a variety of different names. Jinma, Farm Pro, Nortrac, and three other names are currently unavailable. Although parts are readily available, they may take some time to arrive at your location.

Where Are Farm Protractors Manufactured?

The Farm Pro brand is the most valuable and sought-after tractor manufacturer in the world, with a global reputation. It is a brand of agricultural machinery manufactured by Homier, a company based in China.

Farm Pro also makes combines, forage harvesters, loaders, mowers, diesel motors, and other items in addition to tractors. The company also sells forestry and construction machinery and equipment. Jinma, the owner, founded it in Illinois in 1837.

Farm Pro grew and acquired other tractor manufacturers over time, eventually becoming the world’s largest agricultural machinery company. Farmers all over the world will recognize the brand, but it is still most popular in China, the United States, and Canada.

Are Farm Pro Tractors Made in China?

Farm equipment manufacturers have been able to sell fewer “Made in America” machines to Chinese farmers. China, on the other hand, continues to be a good location for manufacturers to produce farm machinery for sale to Chinese farmers.

Almost every major agricultural sector in the United States is prioritizing its business future in China, as DTN/The Progressive Farmer reports this week. DTN continues to investigate what this means for American farmers who have become increasingly reliant on China.

From that point of view, Farm Pro tractors are based in China as an export market but they have branches in the US as well. The brand has been famous in the US now, as well as exported to farmers all over the world.

What’s Better, Kubota or Farm Pro?

While the final decision on which tractor to buy is based on personal preference and job requirements, there are a few areas where Farm Pro tractors outperform Kubota models. One difference is that the polymer plastic used in Farm protractor models does not fade in colour like the painted metal used in Kubota tractor models.

Furthermore, metal is more susceptible to dings and can rust, whereas polymer does not. Kubota tractors have a treadle pedal with all of the pedals on one side. Farm pro, on the other hand, has two forward and reverse pedals on one side of the driver’s seat.

According to the pros at Good Works Tractors, all a Farm protractor needs is a good cleaning, wax, and shine to look brand new. In the sun, the Kubota orange can fade to a pinkish hue, making it difficult to restore its original appearance.

Are Farm Pro Tractors Worth Your Money and Expectations?

The Farm Pro company sells more than 200,000 tractors per year and has sold more than 2.2 million tractors worldwide since its inception. It has grown to become one of the world’s largest tractor manufacturers, with tractors sold in more than 40 countries.

302,000 tractors were sold in 2020 alone. Farm Protractors have received some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. These tractors are known for being tough and long-lasting, particularly older models.

These tractors are known for their exceptional quality and for producing maximum power without wasting fuel. Farm Pro will provide the desired quality and meet your expectations, whether you are looking for a compact, sub-compact, or larger tractor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who made the farm protractor?

Jinma is the sole owner of the Farm protractor.

Where is the Tractor made?

It is solely made in China but has branches in the US and Canada.

Is it a good brand for tractors?

Obviously. The tractors are of 1-year guarantee that ensures all the sustainability.


Farm protractors combine cutting-edge technology with superior tractor functionality at an affordable price. The company manufactures tractors in response to farmer demand while keeping prices reasonable.

They are best known for their field tractors, which allow farmers to make large profits at a low cost. And as we have talked about who makes Farm pro tractors, there’s no chance that you’ll doubt the quality!

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