Who Makes Doral Tires? History and FAQs

Doral, this is the name related to a tire brand that is well established and earned a huge reputation for producing quality tires. They are mainly produced in Indonesia but used in the USA. This is a brand that produces tires for passenger and personal vehicles.

Though Doral Tires is a popular brand but most people don’t know who is the owner of this brand and who makes Doral Tires. This discussion is going to be dedicated completely to this tire brand. You will know everything about this tire brand. So, let’s start the discussion.

Who Makes Doral Tires?

Treadways Corporation makes Doral Tires in Indonesia and then distributes them in every part of the world. This is a known factor everywhere. But Doral Tires is a private brand that gets its products from the Sumitomo brand. Sumitomo brand manages the manufacturing process of Doral Tires.

As a tire producer or manufacturer Treadways Corporation is not so popular and they are not on the top of the list. But they have experience in this sector and with that experience, the technology adds.

Most people want to know about the manufacturer of a product because the product quality depends mostly on the manufacturer. Doral Tire may not be the first choice of those who want a better-reputed brand as a tire producer. But something that could impress them is the price of Doral Tires. This will impress you. There are some more reasons to select this brand as your one.

Who Owns Doral Tires?

Doral Tire is a company that is owned by the company Treadways Corporation. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States. This tire brand produces tires for passenger and personal vehicles. This is the organizational owner of Doral Tire.

The main and only owner of Doral Tire that is known publicly is the Treadways Corporation. I tried to find some names who are personally involved in this tire brand. But no name comes. But the list is not completely vain. Colleen Traister is the Executive Administrative Assistant of the parent organization Treadways Corporation. Though he is not the owner but he is one of the business controllers of this tire brand.

Where Are Doral Tires Made?

This is going to be a disappointing part for the USA product loves. Though Doral Tire has an aim to grab the US tire market with quality products at low prices. But some people think that one USA-made tire is good. To them, Doral Tire will not be the best choice because this tire is made in Indonesia and Japan.

This is surprising that one brand makes its tires in two different countries. I told you that Doral Tires are manufactured by a third-party company. That company is Sumitomo. This brand has two manufacturing hubs. One is in Indonesia and another one is in Japan. Doral Tires are made in both countries.

Are Doral Tires Any Good?

There are so many reasons to buy Doral Tires. These reasons can be said as good qualities or good sides. There any goods of Doral Tires. People who are planning to buy this tire think about the benefits of buying this tire.

What are the main benefits of using Doral Tires for your business? There are many benefits that can be derived from using this tire brand for your business. But one benefit that stands out the most is their customer service. Doral Tire offers a great customer service experience. This is because they take pride in providing quality customer service.

Another thing that catches the eye of most of us is the price. I have seen many people are talking about the low price of Doral Tires. This is something that you will want to keep in mind if you are looking to use this tire brand for your business.

If you are looking for a good tire then without any delay, you should select one of the following tires for your vehicle. I gather these products from the best list of Doral Tires products. You must try them.

Alternatives of Doral Tires

This is a good brand that is popular for low price tires. Most people love this brand for this reason. I show you many reasons to choose Doral Tires as your brand. But if you don’t think this will be able to meet your needs then you may look at alternatives to this tire brand. There are so many alternatives to Doral Tires if you can find them.

As a strong alternative to Doral Tires, I can talk about the Patriot Tires. This is also a brand from East Asia. The price is also much low. You may select that. Besides this, the following list also contains some names of alternative brands of Doral Tires. You may know about them by clicking on their names.

  1. Fullway Tires
  2. Supermax Tires
  3. Arroyo Tires
  4. Tiger Paw Tires
  5. Kanati Tires

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who makes Doral SDL sport tires?

All the products of Doral tires are made by Treadways Corporation. They make their tires from Sumitomo. So, Doral SDL sport tires are made by them too.

Who sells Doral tires?

The seller and manufacturer of Doral Tires is Treadways Corporation. Because this is the parent organization of this tire brand.

Is Doral tires American Brand?

Yes, the seller of Doral Tires is an American organization. But they import their tires from Japan and Indonesia.


There is no doubt about the quality and customer service of Doral Tires. I hope after reading this discussion, you will love this brand more. The expected question of who makes Doral Tires is also given answer here. This discussion will help you a lot to make a buying decision on tires for your vehicle. If you are not satisfied with Doral Tires then read about its alternatives from our site.

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