Do You Know Who Makes Delta Tires?

Delta Tires is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in America. They are producing tires for SUVs, light or commercial trucks, passengers, and other types of gardening and agricultural vehicles. Besides tires, this brand produces parts and tubes. All the products Delta brand makes are high quality and ready to meet all our requirements. But do you know who makes Delta Tires?

This discussion is aiming to expose everything about Delta Tires including its qualities, alternatives, and sellers. If you are interested in this tire band then continue reading.

Who Makes Delta Tires?

Now TBC Corporation makes Delta Tires. But before 2015, Del-Nat® Tire Corporation made Delta Tires. The ownership of Delta Tires changed in 2015.

There are two types of info about who makes Delta Tires. Some say Del-Nat® Tire Corporation makes these tires. And another group of people says that TBC Corporation makes these tires. Actually, both are true. Now TBC Corporation makes Delta Tires. But before 2015, Del-Nat® Tire Corporation made Delta Tires.

The ownership of this popular and traditional tire brand is acquired by the giant tire manufacturer TBC Corporation. Now, this company is making Delta Tire. According to TBC Corporation, Delta tires are being made in the factories of different popular tire manufacturers. But the quality is being operated by themselves.

Where Is Delta Tires Made?

Though Delta tires is an American brand and its main customer base is in this country but it is equally popular outside America. That’s why Delta Tires is not made in a specific country. According to TBC Corporation, its parent organization, Delta Tires is made in different parts of the world including America, Japan, Germany, and many more.

This is because of the customer’s location. If you are buying a tire from Delta and you live in America then you will get an American manufactured tire. But if you are trying to buy from Japan then it is hard to take tires from America and sell them to you. That’s why they produce tires in Japan too. This process is true in the case of most countries.

Wherever the tires are made and whoever is the manufacturer, TBC Corporation does everything to ensure quality. The standard level of tire quality that the government provides is always met by Delta Tires. We will talk about that later in this article.

Are Delta Tires Good?

The quality and performance of a tire depend on the manufacturer a lot. If the manufacturer is experienced, it is most probably going to be the best one. Delta Tires is one of the oldest tire manufacturing brands in America. It started its journey in 1959. So, in terms of experience, Delta Tires is not inferior.

Other qualities that a tire should have are also available in the tires of this brand. Delta Tires have silica-infused tread that makes this tire the best in traction in all seasons. Moreover the strong durable sidewall, extra-wide belts support to increase the stability in the road and increase long driving capacity. The prices of Delta Tires are about 10 to 20% less than other equally named brands. In all respects, Delta Tires are best.

After finding all these good qualities of Delta Tires, we can say that this is a good brand. The following are the best models of Delta Tires. You may know all about these models by clicking on the links. I think these tires will meet your requirements.

Are Delta and Eldorado Tires The Same?

There is a confusing question about the two brands of the tire industry. This confusion is coming from a long time. That is ‘Are Delta and Eldorado Tires the Same?’. Now the confusion is going to face its end. Actually, Delta and Eldorado both are different tire brands. They have no connection.

Delta Tires are made in different parts of the world like America, Japan, and many more but not in Indonesia. On the other hand, Eldorado Tires are made in America including China and Indonesia.

Even the parent organizations of both the tire brands are different. TBC Corporation is of Delta Tires and Cooper Tire is of Eldorado Tires. So, we can say that Delta and Eldorado Tires are not the same. They are different.

Who Sells Delta Tires?

The official seller of Delta Tires is itself. They manufacture and then sell them. After that, their dealers also sell their tires locally. They are the root-level seller of Delta Tires. To find their dealers, search on Google writing your location. Some motor mechanics also sell Delta Tires. You may take this tire from them too. These are the offline sellers of these tires.

Now the online sellers are the most popular. You will be able to buy tires after reading customers’ reviews. This facility makes online shopping more reliable. There are so many online sellers of Delta Tires. They sell tires in most parts of the world. You may visit the products links to get the most popular online seller of Delta Tires.

Alternatives Of Delta Tires

There are so many alternative brands of Delta Tires. These brands are also selling quality tires like Delta Tires. If you think you will know about them too before buying a tire for you then you may find the following names interesting. I discussed these alternatives also on this site. Make sure you research all these brands while making a buying decision.

  • Yokohama Tires
  • GT Radial Tires
  • BFGoodrich Tires
  • General Tires
  • Trailer King Tires

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Who makes Delta Esteem Ultra tires?

Delta Esteem Ultra is a model of Delta tires. So, like all the tires of Delta Tires, TBC Corporation makes Delta Esteem Ultra tires.

Who owns Delta tires?

TBC Corporation is the present owner of Delta Tires. Before this, Del-Nat® Tire Corporation owned Delta Tires.

Are Delta tires made by Kelly?

No, TBC Corporation makes Delta Tires. But maybe some of the Delta Tires are made in the factories of Kelly. Because TBC uses other brands’ factories to make Delta Tires.


Delta Tires is the most promising tire brand in America. Their customer base is very satisfied with their services. If you select them as the provider of your next tires then it will be a win and win situation. Now there is no doubt about who makes Delta Tires. I hope you get what you wanted from this discussion. Thanks for reading.

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