Who Makes Branson Tractors?

Are you also one of those who seem to be very confident in all other automotive decisions but stuck between tractor options? Well, if you are, you have just come to the right place! We are here to talk about all those things in a nutshell and clarify your confusion.

Branson tractors are always on the favourite list of anyone you would ask for. But do you know who makes Branson tractors? Where are the engines made? Is it worth your money? Well, without any further talking, let’s just jump into the article!

Who Makes Branson Tractors?

Kukje Machinery, a well-known South Korean company, manufactures Branson tractors. Under the Kukje brand, the company sells combine harvesters and other machinery. Kukje is a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel, one of South Korea’s largest and most reputable steel manufacturers.

Kukje built a diesel engine manufacturing plant in 1995, and in 2002, they signed a deal with Cummins to build and supply engines for them.

Since 1992, Kukje has been producing Branson engines, which are regarded as superior truck engines all over the world. It’s not just because a Kukje engine has the horsepower and torque a work truck needs to tow heavy loads; it’s also because the engines are known for their unmatched durability.

A truck with a Kukje engine can expect a ridiculously long life span if properly maintained and not abused.

About the Manufacturer

Kukje began as Korea Agricultural Machinery Co. in 1968. In 1978, it was renamed Kukje Machinery Co. They signed a technological agreement with Yanmar, a manufacturer of compact tractors and engines, in 1980. Since 1987, Kukje has also manufactured and distributed John Deere compact tractors.

Kukje is trusted by forward-thinking organizations all over the world for category-defining data and analytical insights, and they use our end-to-end solutions to guide winning strategies and intelligent actions.

They’re at the centre of these companies’ most important initiatives, and they’re the difference that helps them increase revenue, increase margins, reduce risk, and maintain compliance. The scale, depth, diversity, and accuracy of Kukje’s constantly expanding business data set them apart.

Where are Branson tractors made?

Branson Tractors are made in South Korea, especially in the northern city. For their durable structure and great function, these tractors are offered to be manufactured in at least 10 of branches worldwide.

A Branson tractor’s cast-iron axles, transmission, and large open station platform are just a few of the features that set it apart from the competition. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the most up-to-date statistical technologies and methodologies, to create the best predictors, ratings, scores, and advanced analytical models possible.

Are Branson Tractors Worth your Expectations?

Branson began as a tractor distribution company in the United States in 1998. Branson Tractors also operates three warehouses. The warehouse, assembly and distribution centre, and corporate office are all located in Rome, Georgia.

Plainview, Texas and North Plains, Oregon are home to additional warehouses, assembly and distribution centres. There are now 165 Branson tractor dealers in the United States and Canada, in addition to where these tractors are built.


Branson is uniquely able to provide you with the insights you need on customers, suppliers, and other business partners. Thanks to rich proprietary data assets such as those from their global trade program, volumes of historical data, and a world-class team of experienced data scientists.

Huge Functionality

They have over 6,000 employees worldwide who are dedicated to this one-of-a-kind mission, and they are guided by important values to establish themselves as the industry leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights.

Their data and insights are useful at all stages of a company’s lifecycle and in any economic environment. Starting from the early 1900’s Branson has shown that they are the only brand in the world to tackle new launches and still have the same review.

Cummins and Kukje Machinery Co. Have Announced a Partnership

Cummins Inc. announced a partnership with Kukje Machinery Co., the largest manufacturer of compact tractors in South Korea, in 2002.

Cummins A-series engines for industrial markets were designed, built, and marketed in collaboration by both companies. These A-Series engines are available with outputs ranging from 18 to 60 horsepower (hp) and displacements ranging from 0.9 to 2.3 litres.

“We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Kukje, a company well-known for both its high-quality standards and cost-effective manufacturing processes,” Mark Yragui, vice president of Cummins’ industrial business division, said.

Branson Tractors vs. Other Brands

Branson’s mission to provide you with options while maintaining power and performance has been accomplished! Branson’s 4815R tractor, for example, is an economy tractor that won’t break the bank while still maintaining Branson’s signature drivetrain and performance.

If you’re a hobby farmer looking for a mid-sized tractor, the 1905H tractor is ideal. The front-end loader and mid-mount mower options, in particular, give this sub-compact tractor a lot of versatility.

When compared to competitors such as John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland, Branson is a tough competitor. These brands are neck-and-neck in terms of engine power, depending on the model. Branson, on the other hand, outperforms them all in terms of transmission and lift capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Branson Tractor a good tractor?

Both the Branson and Mahindra tractors are excellent products for the most part, but support has been patchy in most areas.

Who makes Branson tractor engines?

Kukje machinery makes these ones. They’re shipped to the United States and assembled in Georgia, Oregon, and Texas before being distributed by dealers across the country and in Canada.

Are Branson tractors made in the USA?

Yes, but some are recently being made in China.

How many branches do Branson have all over the world?

The company has almost 4 to 5 branches.


From 24 to 80 HP, Branson offers a wide range of tractor functionality. If you are looking for a variety of options and not sure which one to buy, go through our “Who makes Branson tractors”

Article and then decide!

Also, if you have any more confusion, do let us know.

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