Did You Know Who Makes Blomberg Refrigerators?

When talking of an electronic supply, especially Refrigerators, durability is the first and foremost thing that comes to mind. Having that as a preference, the German brand Blomberg stands out with its premium and qualitative collection of refrigerators with hundreds of varieties.

You will eventually know why you need to buy those, but do you know who makes Blomberg Refrigerators? Or where are those manufactured? Well, I have concluded all those queries in this precise article you are reading now.

Stay with me to know more about this energetic supplement.

Who Makes Blomberg Refrigerators?

Blomberg is owned by Arcelik who has been manufacturing Blomberg Refrigerators since 1955. Having 32 sales and marketing companies, the brand sells its products in over 100 countries worldwide.

Blomberg has reached the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer position in Europe with a jury award of most durability. After reaching its turnover of €3,6 billion in 2008, Blomberg is recognized as a German quality brand in home appliances with 17000 employees.

About the Blomberg Manufacturer

Arcelik, the German brand of Electric supplements, was established in Sultuce, Istanbul in 1955. It started its journey of production through washing machines in 1959.

Talking of the Refrigerators, the production of Arcelik’s first fridge was in 1960. Then eventually, the Arcelik refrigerator plant and compressor plant started their manufacturing services.

In 2016, it pioneered the launch of the Asista smart home and joined LG as an extension until 2023. From then till 2022, the company has partnered with hundreds of new products and still ensured the best in them.

Where Are Blomberg Refrigerators Manufactured?

Blomberg was established in 1883 and since then, the company has been assured of its products in Germany. From metal works to serving iron wedges, this German brand relies on originality and cutting-edge performance.

Blomberg is one of the first companies who built fully automated washing machines and Refrigerators. In addition to the outer balance control with durable fitting, the company ensures fully quality- control in their headquarters, Germany.

Are Blomberg Refrigerators Safe?

Blomberg believes in mixing classical structuralism with a blend of modern technology and design- formulation together. But the main manufacturing authority that makes it different is a flame of retardant black.

Each of their refrigerators has either a metal flame retardant back or an aluminum foil-covered flame retardant back. When stuck on a fridge, this extra portion works as the major protector, increasing their stability.

Also, the company maintains all the UK and European safety standards for better customer satisfaction.

Are Blomberg Appliances Made By Beko?

As being a partner with several American electronics companies, it is a common phenomenon to suspect Beko as a partner of Blomberg. But no, Beko does not make Blomberg appliances though the company plans to do so in the next year.

Blomberg has a diverse portfolio that includes assurance starting from getting 100% service quality to enduring the toughest situation at any time through call center and home services.

Beko, having multiples of modern technology, is just a way far from being under Blomberg. When it happens, I’ll surely let you know!

Is Blomberg Made In Turkey?

Yes, some of the Blomberg appliances are made in Turkey, and the company that makes them is named Arcelik. Blomberg has been manufacturing its products since 1979, and Arcelik took that responsibility in 2002.

So, Blomberg is a German firm that was purchased in 2002 by Arcelik A.S. and offers a full line of refrigerators, dishwashers, culinary appliances, and compact washers and dryers.

With factories in Turkey, Romania, the Russian Federation, France, Italy, and Portugal, it is one of Europe’s major appliance manufacturers, and it began selling appliances in the United States in 2014.

What Is The Difference Between Beko And Blomberg?

There is a common reason why people misinterpret Beko and Blomberg as the same company- name. Apart from establishing nearly in the same year, both of the companies offer some similar portfolios to the customers which is why people get confused.

Beko, a Turkish company, has made a name for itself in the appliance market in a relatively short time.

With the Blomberg acquisition, they appear to be increasing their market share in the EU, but it also appears that they have intentions to target the US market as well.

Blomberg items are primarily marketed through independent merchants, with modest differences in specifications and warranties, but they have essentially rebadged Beko products. Higher costs, longer warranties, and the same old Beko on the inside.

Is The Blomberg Refrigerator A Good Brand?

Blomberg has been providing services on different automotive genres for 130 years- that talks a lot about why I am calling it a worthy brand. But their partnership with several American and UK-based companies, headquartered in Germany and Turkish cities adds glam to that note.

The company’s vision is to be one of the top brands in the appliance industry and produce each and every detailing requirement of a house or office. Blomberg has won more than 5 awards in technical standards and massive design that wins customer belief.

All in all, the company focuses on three details- Excellent care, Ease, and Enjoyment of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Blomberg appliances made by Beko?

No, they are not made by Beko. Blomberg appliances are made only by the Arcelik appliances and somewhat by their own machinery in Germany.

Is Blomberg a German Company?

Yes, Blomberg is a German company that has been producing home- appliances since 1883.

Where are Blomberg fridges made?

Blomberg fridges are made in Germany in collaboration with the Turkish company named Arcelik.

Does Blomberg appliances have any Warranty?

Yes, Blomberg appliances have a warranty of 3 years.


Talking of high-end appliances, especially home- appliances, I can never think of taking any risk. So, if you are also intending to buy any, why would you risk yourself anyway?

Now you know a lot about who makes Blomberg refrigerators. So, it’s your choice to decide and take the step.


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